Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: The Klash Over the Khristmas Card

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In certain scenes from a certain sex tape, Ray J simply gives it to Kim Kardashian.

We're talking about some good ole fashioned pounding, right in front of a camera, as the reality star lies back and takes it with pleasure.

On the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15 premiere Sunday evening, however, Kim was the one who dished it out, this time to sister Kourtney...

... but she did anything but take pleasure in the awkward experience.

Kim Kardashian, So Angry

As you've likely scene plastered around the Internet via clips shared by E! in anticipation of this return episode, the bulk of the installment centered on Kim feuding with Kourtney like never before.

But why? Over what?!?

The answer has finally been revealed.

Filmed many months ago, the premiere focused around Kim's attempt to gather her entire family for its annual Christmas Card photo shoot.

"I moved my meetings to earlier so that we can all accommodate miss queen Kourtney and then Kylie couldn't come," Kim complaiend early on, criticizing her siblings and adding:

"She wanted to shoot hers privately at home. Rob's trying to lay low right now. Kendall's gonna make it right at the end."

Added the former sex tape star:

"It's just like craziness. So I thought, 'Why not show the craziness of our family?' We're just gonna do candid pictures and we can post them for the 25 days of Christmas."

Kourtney Kardashian Cries a Bit

That is what ended up happening, for the record.

The family released one photo per day for nearly a month until it finally unveiled the final version shared below.

We'd never have known ALL the drama that went on behind the scenes of this pictorial until last night's intense episode.

Kardashian Christmas Card 2017

After Kourtney refused give in on the time she'd be available for the shoot, Kim let her have sister it.

The back-and-forth was all about working at a job for a living and working as a mother of three at home.

"No one wants you in the f-cking shoot. I'm planning it. I'm planning the shoot, so we don't want you in the shoot," Kim screamed at one point, to which Kourtney fired back:

"Did I already say this morning, I didn't care to do it."

Kim's retort?

"Maybe if you had a f-cking business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a f-cking business but you don't, so don't even act like you know what I'm talking about."

Yikes, right?


2 sis

After Kourtney stormed off, Kim got even more personal in a heated discussion with Khloe and Kris Jenner.

"She's the least exciting to look at, so she can be out," Kim told her relatives. "She doesn't do sh-t. She doesn't know what it's like to actually have f-cking work to do."

(Editor's Note: Kourtney is fantastic to look at. Especially when she dons a bikini.)

Kourtney later called Khloe, who of course kept her on speaker phone so that viewers could hear the totally natural and NON-scripted exchange.

"I'm not here to f-cking be mistreated by my f-cking bitch family," Kourtney yelled, adding:

"Kim saying that I'm the least interesting to look at…who even speaks like that?"

That's a fair question. We wonder where how the writer who came up with that line though of it.

"You do whatever the f-ck you want to do and you don't do sh-t," Kim screamed over the phone. "So be accommodating to the people that actually do sh-t."

"You're a very distraught, evil human being," an emotional Kourtney shot back. "I don't agree with who you are as a human being."

As you can see here, the argument continued on Twitter after the premiere ended:

kourt tweet

During the episode, meanwhile, Kim insisted that she would not "tolerate" her sister being so rude that she would be "ten billion" times ruder in response... until Kourtney just broke down and cried.

"Your words have meaning and they come from somewhere. You didn't just make them up," a distraught Kourtney told Kim when they finally talked about their fight. "It's really unkind."

"Well, I'm sorry If I said something that was hurtful," Kim said as an apology.

Khloe tried to keep the peace, offering to her siblings:

"I think we both have to stop judging, or all of us have to stop judging each other."

And it kind of worked, as Kim invited Kourtney to her baby shower for Chicago.

But Kourtney turned down the invitation, prompting another tongue-lashing from her sister:

"I really hoped Kourtney was gonna get over herself and just show up, but she didn't/ So, I don't think she's big on family 'cause if she was, she would be at my shower."

All this said, Kim made it clear on social media shortly after the premiere concluded that all is good between the loved ones:


It's almost as if this drama was concocted as a storyline by producers, right?

Season 15 is officially upon us, however, with the opening episode teasing more friction between the sisters than usual.

If you missed any of the fireworks, you can (nay, you SHOULD!) use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online.

Do you think this fight was real or staged? Watch and determine for yourself!

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