Kathryn Dennis: I May Be The Next Bachelorette!

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A pair of popular reality television universes may be on a collision course.

And the result could be an explosion of ratings.

Curious to hear more, The Bachelorette and Southern Charm viewers? Scroll right on down!

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Late last week, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis took to Twitter to reply to a fan who asked her if she would ever consider being on the The Bachelorette.

It seemed sort of like a random inquiry, but the same question had been posed in the past to Kourtney Kardashian and some other well-known names.

This was among the first times, however, that the celebrity in question freely admitted that she may anchor an upcoming season of the popular ABC dranchise.

"Actually I'm kind of in talks about it," the 25-year old said, giving the one-word response of "Maybeeeee" when asked by another follower if she would be following Becca Kufrin in the lead role of The Bachelorette next year.

What an intriguing idea, right?

Kathryn Dennis Snapshot

Kufrin has come across throughout Season 14 as very kind, very well-intentioned... and very boring.

Based on our section of The Bachelorette spoilers, she may finally stir up some controversy based on who she selects as her fiance, but Becca has mostly not moved the ratings or viral needle very much for ABC this year.

It would certainly make sense to mix things up a bit and go with someone that has an established fan base, such as Dennis.

Kathryn came on board Southern Charm as a full-time cast member to kick off its second season.

She's been in the news of late because she shares two kids with Thomas Ravenel, the main star of this Bravo series... who has been accused of rape.

Holding Her Rose

Dennis and Ravenel are parents to daughter Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and son St. Julien Rembert Ravenel and they famously argued on the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion special about Ravenel's string of affairs.

The guy appears to suck a whole lot.

But this just means that Dennis is looked at online as a sympathetic figure, which is practically the top qualification for being named The Bachelorette.

All this said, we may be getting ahead of ourselves.

After The Bachelorette wraps up this week, ABC will air new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise.

From there, probably in January of 2019, it will be on to a new season of The Bachelor.

Becca Kufrin Sets Record Straight

And then, finally, likely in late spring of next year, a new Bachelorette will enter the spotlight.

Yes, she'll be named long before that.

But probably not any time in the near future.

This just mean, however, that we have plenty of time to debate the possibility. Might as well start doing so now, right?


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