Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: We Might NEVER Get Married!

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After rumors have been swirling that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up again, a source has come forward to set the record straight.

They know that these rumors will persist because Miley and Liam have been engaged for what feels like decades. But they're still together.

But if you're eager for them to tie the knot, you might not want to hold your breath.

Ogling Liam

TMZ reports that sources close to Miley and Liam say that getting married isn't a huge priority for the couple.

The two of them are engaged, sure, but they think of marriage as a formality that they don't really need.

For most intents and purposes, the two of them live and act like a married couple already. 

What really matters to them is that they love each other, that they're happy, and that they each continue to delight in the other's company.

They don't need a special document to tell them that they're the real deal.

Liam Hemsworth in the City

So why, some might ask, are they engaged? They even renewed their previously canceled engagement back in 2016.

According to the sources who spoke to TMZ, that was a formal sign of their commitment to each other.

But that's about as formal and symbolic as they plan to get, at least for the time being.

Engagements are usually just indicators that you're planning to tie the knot, but Miley and Liam are fine with it as an endgame -- and don't see it as a countdown clock to something more.

They have each other. They don't feel a need for anything more than that.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus on Valentine's Day

TMZ acknowledges that this might sound odd to a Gen X crowd or older, but Miley and Liam don't feel a need to put a bow on their relationship by getting married.

"They're both super chill and grounded," one source reports.

That same insider goes on to say that "They're perfect for each other."

That certainly seems to be the case! These two have been doing their on-again, off-again dance for the better part of a decade.

No matter what, their bond seems unbreakable and very genuine.

Miley Cyrus at the 2018 Grammys

Obviously, Miley and Liam aren't ruling out marriage. They could totally tie the knot one day.

But it doesn't sound like they're being spurred on by the knowledge that their continued engagement without a wedding or at least a wedding date continues to fuel breakup rumors.

Apparently, they hear these reports -- and just laugh them off.

That sounds very healthy. We've all read some wild misinformation that floats around out there.

But we shouldn't see their lack of movement towards the altar as an indicator of any relationship issues. These two just have nothing to prove.

Miley Cyrus Loves Liam Hemsworth

Miley and Liam don't really owe anyone an explanation about how they live their lives, but it's good to have one.

Fewer people are having children -- because of a number of factors, from economic realities to the liberating realization that they simply don't have to.

A lot of people only end up marrying their partners to get on someone's better insurance plan or to do their taxes together or so that they can have hospital visitation rights in case of an emergency.

While Miley and Liam don't face the economic hardships that force many Millennials to avoid expensive life milestones, they also aren't beholden to cultural norms that shoved past generations to the altar.

Good for them for living their lives and their love on their terms.

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