Eddie Murphy: Expecting Baby #10!

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Eddie Murphy is expecting the birth of his newest child.

That would be cause for celebration, but he's about to hit a major parenting milestone. Just a few years ago, Murphy's ninth child was born.

Now, the famed comedian is preparing to welcome his tenth baby.

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher on the Red Carpet

Eddie Murphy is 57. His partner, longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher, is 39.

Paige is pregnant, and has begun debuting her baby bump in public.

Though this will be Murphy's tenth child, this will be baby #2 for them as a couple.

Paige's slender figure leaves little doubt when it comes to a baby bump, but the couple did release a statement through Murphy's rep.

"Eddie Murphy and longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher are pleased to announce that they are expecting their second child in December," the statement reads.

Eddie Murphy at SNL 40

That is exciting news for the couple, for their fans, and also for Murphy's nine children -- who are all getting a new baby sibling.

With a due date in December, it seems most likely that the couple conceived some time during March, which means that Butcher is five months pregnant.

As we mentioned, they have already had one child together.

Little Izzy Oona is just two years old.

Murphy and Butcher have been together as a couple since 2012. So while he may have a lot of children, they're definitely being smart about spacing them out.

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher Grab Coffee in Studio City

Eddie Murphy has eight other children.

His son Eric is 29. Murphy had Eric with Paulette McNeely.

The larger chunk of Murphy's children were with his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

Those children include four daughters: Bella Zahra, who is 16, Zola Ivy, who is 18, Shayne Audra, who is 23, and Bria, who is 28.

With Nicole, he also had his 25-year-old son, Miles Mitchell.

Eddie Murphy Up Close

If you were tallying those up and realized that the total is 8, you're not wrong.

Murphy also had a son with Tamara Hood. Christian is now 27.

And his 11-year-old daughter, Angel Iris, he shares with Mel B.

Yes, that Mel B.

The former Spice Girl has recently been embroiled in a nightmarish divorce with Stephen Belafonte.

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy

Some progenitors come to regret their brood, but Eddie Murphy has heaped praise onto his children.

"I really got lucky with my kids," he gushed to reporters a couple of years ago. "There really isn’t a bad one in the bunch, everyone turned out to be really good people."

"None of my kids are like me," Murphy continued. "And I’m sure parents say this all of the time, they are all totally different from each other."

Some parents seem to demand that their children relive their old experiences, but Murphy seems happy that his children are their own individual human beings.

"None of them are chips off the old block," Murphy says. "They all have their own thing, They’re good kids."

That is wonderful to hear. Supportive parents are few and far between -- so baby #10 is going to be lucky!

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