Courtland Rogers: Jenelle Evans' Ex Arrested For "Brutal" Assault on Wife

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If you're a longtime Teen Mom 2 fan, then you may remember the name Courtland Rogers.

For those who need a brief refresher, here's a crash course on the ex-husband who might be even more effed-up than Jenelle.

Courtland Rogers And Lindsey Renee

Courtland and Jenelle were married for two years, beginning in 2012.

It was during this time that Jenelle got into using heroin, which she blames on the negative influence of Courtland.

For his part, Courtland claims Jenelle ruined his life, but frankly, we're of the opinion that neither of these people can be trusted.

Anyway, regardless of who's to blame, there's no denying that Rogers' life ended up in shambles after he and Jenelle went their separate ways.

Courtland Keith Rogers

Courtland wound up in prison not long after his divorce was finalized.

He served two years of a three-year sentence for heroin possession, and despite a rap sheet a mile long, Rogers qualified for early release in March of 2017.

And we're guessing prison officials are deeply regretting that decision these days.

Courtland has been arrested three times since his release.

Courtland Rogers Mug Shot (April 2013)

The latest occurred on Sunday, when he was taken into custody on suspicion of assaulting his wife, Lindsey Frazier.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ:

“Courtland had brutally attacked a woman named Lindsey Frazier on Sunday by allegedly slapping her, dragging her by the hair and pulling her hair out."

The documents go on to read:

Courtland Rogers 2017 Photo

"The magistrate also says Frazier credibly alleged Courtland had threatened her and her family’s lives … and threw her phone against a wall to prevent her from calling 911.” 

Rogers and Frazier welcomed a son together back in March.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Courtland has been accused of abusive behavior.

According to Starcasm, Taylor Lewis, the mother of Courland's first child, accused him of drugging and raping her when she was just 14 years old.

Courtland Rogers, Son

"I was 14 when you had sex with me and 15 when I got pregnant," Lewis recently wrote on Facebook.

"The night that you got me pregnant you gave me Xanax and Four Loko and I didn't even remember having sex with you Courtland!"

Currently, Courtland is being held without bail, and there's no word yet on his arraignment date.

We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

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