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On the latest episode of Little People, Big World, tension once again ran rampant between Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff.

Over pumpkin season, as we witnessed a couple Tuesday nights ago?

Over Matt’s romance with farm manager Caryn Chandler, which has been awkward from the start?

Matt Roloff Speaks Out
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Nope and nope.

Instead, the former couple argued last night on air about Matt’s potential run for political office.

We’re not kidding!

"Some friends in the legislature here think I’d be good candidate to run for State Senator," Matt explained to the camera, prior to the installment flashing to footage of Oregon State Senator Bruce Starr telling Roloff:

"By you running and winning this seat, Matt, it brings balance to the state legislature that is seriously needed."

Can’t say we saw this storyline or possibility coming, did you?

Matt was clearly drawn to the idea. He didn’t even try to hide it.

"I mean, Matt Roloff, State Senator, that has a pretty good ring to it. It’s a big honor," he said, adding during the episode:

"I’ve dabbled in politics here and there, and I’m passionate about some of the issues, but it’s also a huge sacrifice. It’s a commitment that you can’t take lightly."

Playing with Grandson
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Little People, Big World is not typically a political program.

Matt, however, did once garner some backlash for seemingly showing support for Donald Trump.

The Commander-in-Chief wasn’t mentioned on this new episode, however, but Amy did voice some concerns about her former husband heading in this direction.

Remember, she warned Matt, "with politics, you’re past comes up."

"Can’t you just say, ‘Good idea’?" Matt responded, sort of annoyed.

"Well, just be prepared that your past will come up," Amy reiterated.

How mysterious and intriguing, right? To what could Amy be referring?


In his 1999 memoir, Against Tall Odd: Being a David in a Goliath World, Matt actually opened up about his cocaine addiction.

“I never thought I’d be someone who used drugs, but it happened,” he wrote in that book, elaborating as follows:

“I thought I could just try it and get out of it, but I was wrong. It caught me like a bear trap. I almost didn’t escape."

Then, in 2003, Roloff was arrested for driving under the influence after his car swerved into a ditch.

Despite an official convicted charge of drunk driving, Matt’s charges were dismissed the following year upon completion of an alcohol diversion program.

There’s actualy more on his record, too.

Excited Matt
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In 2007, Roloff was pulled over once more after police spotted him supposedly driving erratically after leaving a bar.

He pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence in this instance, which was eventually dismissed due to a combination of jury misconduct and failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the reality star had been driving under the influence that night.

So… nothing major in Matt’s past, no.

But definitely some questionable and dangerous.

Said girlfriend Chandler last night on this topic:

"I’m going to support you whatever you really, really want to do, but as long as you understand that the more you put on your plate, it takes a toll on all things."

Matt Roloff Turns Serious
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In the end, due to Caryn’s hesitance and due to his desire to spend a lot of time in Arizona, Matt passed on the opportunity.

"I feel very committed to Caryn and I don’t want to lose her," he said. "I need to pass on it."

Elsewhere on this installment, Amy pondered her own future, including whether she will continue to live on the farm; Zach worried about Jackson’s six-month checkup; and Jeremy and Audrey dealt with a major disaster.

Click on the video below to watch Little People, Big World online and to see these storylines develop:

Watch Little People, Big World Season 13 Episode 9 Online
Watch Little People, Big World Season 13 Episode 9 Online