Hailey Baldwin DELETES Shawn Mendes Pics from Her Instagram; Is Bieber to Blame?

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In recent weeks, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been seemingly inseparable. These two exes are back together and even going on church dates.

Even though they're exes with their own baggage, things don't seem that dramatic between them.

So why has Hailey very suddenly deleted every photo of rumored ex Shawn Mendes from her Instagram? What the hell happened?

Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes

In the final months of 2017, it appeared that Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes were dating.

At least, witnesses saw them cozying up and were at a loss for any other explanation.

Some believed that it was a real relationship that fizzled out behind the scenes.

Others believed that Hailey was deliberately stirring those rumors to help shelter Shawn from the persistent gay rumors that have followed him for a few years now.

Regardless, Shawn and Hailey remained friends. They even attended the 2018 Met Gala together, making it clear at the time that they were just good friends with similar values.

But friends don't purge every single photo of the other from Instagram.

Hailey Baldwin, Rainbow Bikini

Ever-vigilant fans have noticed that every photo featuring Shawn Mendes has mysteriously vanished from Hailey's Instagram page.

They note that the two still follow each other.

They also note that Shawn has made no move to purge photos of Hailey -- not yet, anyway.

Did something happen between these two to make their friendship turn sour -- at least from Hailey's perspective?

if so, it must have been something pretty major for Hailey to make such a public show of excising Shawn from her social media history.

There was zero chance that her 12.4 million followers were going to all somehow not notice.

Shawn Mendes on a Swing

Some wonder if this might have less to do with Shawn and Hailey ... and more to do with Justin Bieber.

Shawn Mendes is the talk of the town in terms of mustic but also in terms of thirst.

Shawn is 19. His career is on the rise.

In contrast, Justin Bieber is 24, he canceled his tour last year for vague religious reasons, and posters of his tattoo-covered body aren't exactly plastered across millions of bedroom walls these days.

It probably doesn't help that Shawn is a respectable 6-foot-2 while Justin, who has always been insecure about his height, is still only 5-foot-9.

When one considers that Justin keeps an eye on his exes -- as he did on Selena -- one can't help but wonder if he felt stabs of jealousy when he saw Hailey on Shawn's arm.

Did he ... make Hailey delete her photos of Shawn?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in a Hot Tub

There is no longer any real doubt that Justin and Hailey are back together.

So it is hard for many to imagine that Justin didn't play some sort of role in this IG purge.

Is he making demands of Hailey that she prove that she doesn't have her eye on any other boys?

Or does Justin have some sort of beef with Shawn, specifically?

That is so, so difficult to guess.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin GIF

For what it's worth, however, Shawn Mendes has been publicly supportive of Hailey, including when she reunited with old flame Justin Bieber.

On the Canadian entertainment show, ETALK, Shawn commented directly on Hailey hooking up with Justin again.

"I think that's awesome," Shawn said. "I love them both. They’re both really awesome people."

In the past, even going back a couple of years, Shawn has said that he is flattered by comparisons to Justin Bieber.

(In the autumn of 2016, he did do some impressions of the Biebs, but he meant it in a friendly way)

Perhaps Justin doesn't share Shawn's friendly attitude?

Or perhaps there is something totally different going on behind the scenes, and we just don't have enough of the pieces to see it.

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