Justin Bieber: Using Church Dates to Seduce Hailey Baldwin Again?

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As we are all very aware, Hailey Baldwin has been enjoying Selena Gomez's sloppy seconds, by which we mean that she is dating Justin Bieber. Again.

This recently rekindled power couple has taken their PDA tour to the West Coast ... and to church.

Is Justin repeating the same tactics he used with Selena to get Hailey to stay this time?

Hailey Baldwin, Rainbow Bikini

Even though Justin Bieber is no longer the sexual-awakening-inducing heartthrob that he once was, he's still doing very well for himself.

He and Hailey Baldwin dated back in 2016 and now they're dating again, and Hailey is, if anything, more gorgeous now than she was then.

These two have been rekindling things and while TMZ supplied proof that they're back together, they've been seen together much more than that.

For one thing, one Twitter user's clueless dad ended up hot-tubbing with the couple without realizing it.

A Twitter user named Jaycie writes: "My dad was hot-tubbing with Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin this weekend and had no clue until he came home and showed me his pictures... #justdadthings"

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in a Hot Tub

Obviously, her dad wasn't as clueless as she makes him out to be -- since he had enough of a sense to snap a photo, right?

It's understandable that someone older wouldn't recognize Justin.

His body is covered in 100 hours worth of tattoos.

He's also sporting one of the worst mustaches that we've ever seen (all tea, no shade!).

He had a similar look when he and used his Instagram stories to make his rekindled relationship with Hailey Instagram-official.

Take a look:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin GIF

Creepy facial hair choices aside ... (though seriously, he's rich, and could just get laser hair removal if he finds shaving to be such a pain) ... Justin and Hailey do more together than have hot hot sex.

They've taken their PDA to church.

Well, they're attending church services together.

The images below are blurry because, well, that's the reality when you're relying upon random video from people in houses of worship that can seat thousands.

But Justin and Hailey get a front-row seat to sermons. Because of course they do.

Justin and Hailey at church 01

This is actually part of a pattern with the Biebs.

Remember, before he and Selena were officially dating again, they were doing three things:

One, they were talking, after Justin begged her mother to put him in touch with her.

Two, they were riding bikes together. We don't know at which exact point that transitioned into riding each other again.

Three, Justin and Selena were attending Hillsong Church services together.

That third one, many believe, added a religious element to their relationship that may have encouraged that they get back together.

Religious pressures may have even encouraged them to keep trying to make it work longer than they otherwise would have.

After all, Bieber believes that God wanted him to be with Selena.

Justin and Hailey at church 02

So ... is Justin Bieber just trying this same tactic, but with a different ex?

Maybe ... or maybe not. Not everything has to be viewed through a cynical lens.

Hailey Baldwin is a very devout Christian. Her dad is Stephen Baldwin -- no offense to Hailey, who is great, but Stephen is the diehard right-wing Baldwin.

So attending church together might not be the Biebs' version of makeout point.

Their deep and sincere faith might just be something that the two of them have in common with each other.

We'll see how long this reunion of exes lasts.

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