Cardi B Flaunts Bare Baby Bump For Racy Rolling Stone Cover!

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Just a couple of months ago, the world learned that Cardi B is pregnant. Now, she's putting her baby bump on display on the cover of Rolling Stone.

How do we know this? Because the cover leaked early. Whoops.

Take a look below, and see Cardi and Offset each write about how much it means to them.

Cardi B on the Red Carpet

The cover of Cardi B's Rolling Stone cover leaked, but she wasn't going to let that keep her down -- so she just posted the image herself.

She is so excited about it that her enthusiasm spilled over into her captions on Instagram.

Cardi writes: "I guess it was too much to ask to wait until the official July release of our @rollingstone cover!"

The image that she shares features her and Offset. Offset is kissing her bare and very pregnant belly, and she appears to be wearing only a long, black gown.

This shows off her baby bump and her peacock tattoo. Offset is fully dressed in what appears to be a red velvet suit.

Cardi continues, gushing: "This cover is so special to me and means so much!"

Cardi B Rolling Stone Cover

Remember, we're just barely over a year since "Bodak Yellow" was released. This level of fame and acclaim is still new to Cardi.

"Thank you to everyone who helped put this amazing cover together!" she writes.

Though Cardi took the leak in stride, she does point out that it wasn't supposed to look like that.

It was supposed to, she says, look black and white.

"Even tho it was leaked and suppose to be In gray," Cardi mentions. "F--k it."

The good folks over at Starcasm made an edit of how the cover was perhaps intended to appear.

Take a look:

Cardi B Rolling Stone Cover Black and White

Cardi says that she will, instead of nitpicking, focus on the positive.

"My daughter made it to the Rollin Stone cover !!!!" she writes.

Her enthusiasm is palpable.

"Official release in July," Cardi writes. "You can’t [ruin] what’s for me."

That sounds like a very healthy attitude!

We look forward to seeing the cover as it is released -- and reading the accompanying article (which, to be clear, did not leak).

Offset enthusiasm iG

Offset also shared the leaked cover on Instagram.

He also shared his enthusiasm.

"Rolling Stone cover," he wrote in all caps, with a space between each letter.

(In internet dialects, putting a space between each letter can be used to emphasize your words, sometimes for comedic effect)

"Beautiful shoot," Offset says, referring to the photoshoot that he and fiancee Cardi B did.

Offset concludes: "Can't wait 'til my daughter get here."

Cardi B in White

Now, some have remarked that this Rolling Stone cover isn't the best photo of Cardi.

And ... they're right. And no, this isn't about the baby bump. It also isn't about Offset, though many believe that he's not good for Cardi.

While the no-pants look is always an inspired choice (pants are the worst) and Cardi herself is gorgeous, we think that we identified what people are finding off-putting.

It might be the wig. It's not her best wig.

But the point of her making the cover is the celebration of her accomplishment. She has soared into the stratosphere of music in just a year.

Also, we really look forward to reading that article.

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