Beyonce Fans Actually Whined Over Second Coachella Performance

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To paraphrase Kanye West from many years ago:

We're gonna let all others artist finish, but Beyonce put on the greatest Coachella performance of all-time on the opening weekend of this music festival.

It reunited Destiny's Child. It lasted over two hours. It included references to the Black Lives Matter movement and other important cultural touchstones.

Fans went understandably crazy over it, in the positive sense.

But when Beyonce repeated this same set, in a different set of costumes, a week later?

Fans went crazy in a different sense. Scroll down to see what we mean:

1. This Was the Initial Set

Check out the above video to relive a portion of the most memorable Coachella set EVER. It included a reunion we had been waiting years to see!

2. More of the Same?

More of the Same?
Despite all the time and effort Beyonce put into this set, fans were aghast that she dared to repeat it.

3. And We Mean AGHAST

And We Mean AGHAST
Twitter blew up in response. Folks just expect so much from Beyonce these days, it's really not fair.

4. Whoa There!

Whoa There!
Comparing her to Mariah Carey, considering all the issues she has had performing live? Cold, Twitter user.

5. Yes You Did

Yes You Did
And you ought to be grateful for it!

6. Yes, This Perform Used a GIF of Tiffany Pollard to Complain

Yes, This Perform Used a GIF of Tiffany Pollard to Complain
We give props for the randomness of it, but not for the complaint itself.

7. Meh.

Meh? Meh? Meh?!?!? For a two-hour Beyonce set? How dare you?!?!?

8. Okay, Yes, This Did Happen

Okay, Yes, This Did Happen
But it was more funny than anything else. And, hey, it was a change from night one!

9. Ouch!

Solange did fall, so we get this complaint. But not enough to really make a big issue out of it. We're just glad she's okay.

10. Yes, She Had This AUDACITY

Yes, She Had This AUDACITY
Get over it.

11. Wait, Is That Pollard Again?

Wait, Is That Pollard Again?
What is going on, Internet?!?

12. Kris Jenner Can't Believe It

Kris Jenner Can't Believe It
Go focus on Khloe, Kris. You have your own issues to worry about, okay?!?

13. Don't Hate the Playa

Don't Hate the Playa
Hate the game for this Instagram issue. Be grateful you can see the Queen at all.

14. Is That Beyonce, Though?!?

Is That Beyonce, Though?!?
Okay, this one made us laugh. But we still can't believe people whined over a double performance of such an amazing set.

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