Matt Roloff Breaks Silence on Caryn Chandler Break-Up Rumors

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Matt Roloff is very sorry, ladies.

The Little People, Big World star has some news to break to you today that many of you may find to be somewhat unfortunate.

Matt Roloff on a Trip

And that news is this:

The 56-year-old farmer, motivational speaker, author and TLC staple is NOT single and, therefore, is not ready to mingle either.

Matt is taken, people.

By Caryn Chandler.

Fans across the Internet have been wondering about Roloff's relationship status for several days now, ever since a certain piece of news broke.

Matt and Caryn Chandler

Chandler, Matt's first serious girlfriend since his divorce from Amy Roloff, is no longer employed by the family's Roloff Farms.

She originally met Matt, as fans know, because she managed his property and his business for many years.

This is also why there's tension between Caryn and Amy Roloff.

The two were friends prior to her divorce from Matt and Caryn's subsequent romance with him, which is understandably awkward.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff Back in the Day

HOWEVER, multiple outlets reported last week that Chander is no longer employed by Matt, leading to one of two possibilities:

1. She has been fired because she and Matt have broken up and it would be too weird if they kept working together.

2. They are engaged, or about to be engaged, and felt a need to wholly separate their work from their personal lives.

So that's the background at work here, and it should help readers understand Matt's response to a comment on Facebook yesterday.

Back to Their Backs

“Where’s Caryn? Did you guys break up?” a follower asked in response to a photo of Matt on vacation in Mexico, seemingly by himself.

“We did not break up,” Roloff said in response to the speculation.

So... there you go, we guess?

We can return to the opposite kind of speculation now? The kind that involves wondering whether or not Matt and Caryn are engaged?

We're happy to wonder about that more exciting possibility instead, but we can't help thinking that Matt's reply was lacking in... something, right?

Matt Roloff Kisses Caryn Chandler

He didn't make some joke about these break-up rumors nor did he say anything nice about Chandler and their relationship.

Matt Roloff just gave the most straightforward, short answer possible, which still makes us think something is off here.

Perhaps the pair are just on a break now?

Maybe Caryn Chandler just needs space?

We're not judging at all. We're just curious about the recent turn of events and what it portends for the couple's romantic future.

Matt Roloff on New Season

A recent episode of Little People, Big World may offer clues in terms of her mindset regarding her personal and professional relationships.

In that installment, Caryn admitted that she would be willing to leave the farm the moment her boyfriend’s ex-wife told her to do so.

She meant this out of respect for Amy Roloff, who has four grown children with Matt, not out of any kind of bitterness toward her.

It's unclear if this series of events actually happened, but it shows that she very much understands how awkward all of this is.

Caryn Chandler Picture

“I don’t want to invade anyone’s space, and the moment Amy doesn’t want me coming around anymore, I won’t,” Chandler told the cameras.

That's definitely mature of her. A lot of people in her position wouldn't react as tactfully to an emotionally charged situation.

Again, we'll have to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, and months, as more information becomes available.

As of right now, it's not clear why she left.

Matt and Family

Obviously, the Roloffs' divorce after three decades and four grown children together is a complicated matter all around.

It's got fans worked up on both sides of the spectrum, and clearly Matt and Amy themselves are still adjusting to the situation.

On a similar note, as documented in the story below, Matt has been considering a major change in his personal life.

Read all about it here:

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