Matt Roloff: Actually Moving Off the Family Farm Because of Amy ... or Caryn?

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Has the awkwardness finally gotten to Matt Roloff?

Has the Little People, Big World patriarch taken the step he has discussed for months now and actually moved farther away from his ex-wife than 500 feet?

Has has actually moved off the family farm entirely?

We have a strong reason to believe so.

Scroll down and all around to see what that reason is.

1. Wait, Why Would Matt Move?

Wait, Why Would Matt Move?
Did you know he lives 500 feet away from Amy in a very small house? The arrangement "wasn't supposed to be permanent," Matt said on a recent Little People, Big World episode, adding simply: "It's awkward."

2. We Bet It Is!

We Bet It Is!
Perhaps it was okay at first, but now Amy is seriously dating Chris Marek and Matt is with Caryn Chandler. Can you imagine living in this kind of set-up while being in a long-term relationship?

3. Are Matt and Caryn Engaged?

Are Matt and Caryn Engaged?
That's the rumor. We don't buy it right now because we don't see why Matt would not announce it, but a proposal may be forthcoming.

4. And Just Who is Caryn Chandler?

And Just Who is Caryn Chandler?
She used to manage the Roloff farm. So she knows Amy well, which just makes this entire situation even MORE awkward and even less desirable for all involved.

5. Says Matt:

Says Matt:
"I'm either at a place now where I need to dig in my roots further on the farm and build a house that suits me, or I need to think about finding real estate off the farm. It's not easy. I've been on this farm more than half my life."

6. So... Has He Made The Decision?

So... Has He Made The Decision?
It seems very likely. We think Matt is actually moving off the farm he helped make SUCH a success.

7. How Do We Know?

How Do We Know?
Consider the photo he just shared above, along with the caption: "After many crazy ups and down I’ve finally gotten this little gem all painted and fixed up. I can’t wait to show you a video of the inside final touches."

8. Does This Mean He's Actually Moving?

Does This Mean He's Actually Moving?
He could be buying the house and then flipping it, as some fans are surmising on Instagram.

9. What Are Others Saying?

What Are Others Saying?
That Amy sucks and Matt should not have to move and... oh, right, that Amy totally sucks. Man, some folks can be harsh, huh?

10. No Tension Here!

No Tension Here!
Matt seems aware of talk that he and Amy don't get along. Prior to the premiere of this new Little People, Big World season, he actually blamed producers for making it seem this way. "We’ve been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront," he said.

11. Heck, He Even Threatened to Quit

Heck, He Even Threatened to Quit
""For some reason, these new producers/editors that come in to work...don’t know the show and want to amplify the negative... I’m not sure we can take that kinda of editing much longer. Errrrr," concluded Matt on Facebook.

12. What Does Amy Think?

What Does Amy Think?
She acknowledges the same awkwardness. "I definitely have a lot of uncertainty going on in my life, and I'm not sure how long I'll be here at the farm," she said to the TLC cameras in April 2018. "Matt and I are both here, we're existing, but we may just decide we don't want to do this anymore. I don't think it's very clear yet."

13. Overall, The Ex-Couple Does Get Along Very Well

"After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce," they said in May 2016, and they've maintained an amicable relationship in public since. "We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising our four wonderful children, who have grouwn to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses," the statement read. "Our kids and our ever-growing family, and the love and support we have for them, will be our priority. We will continue to work together side-by-side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures. We would like to thank our family, friends, and all our fans for their continued support and understanding during this difficult time."

14. But the Time May Have Come

But the Time May Have Come
We'll quote Matt one final time here in regard to his future plans, from the filming of an episode last fall: "Am I gonna move off the farm? It's tough thinking about spending eternity, or whatever that means, here with Amy. Now that Amy and I are divorced, I just want my own path that's separate from Amy's. It really has to do with just creating a little more balance in my own life."

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