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Tristan Thompson balled out on Sunday afternoon.

By which, no, we don’t mean the dishonest baby daddy took some random Instagram model to a hotel room and railed her to orgasmic completion.

Instead, we mean the controversial power forward actually played meaningful minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tristan Thompson Shoots a Shot
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As previously documented, Thompson had been essentially benched by Head Coach Tyronn Lue over the past few weeks.

Not because he cheated on Khloe Kardashian, as some outlets suggests, but because his limited skill set on the court negatively affected the Cavs’ offense.

However, in Game 7 of his team’s first round playoff series against the Indiana Pacers, Thompson was named a starter… and ended up rewarding his coach’s faith in his abilities.

Big time.

Thompson scored 15 pounds and grabbed 10 rebounds, helping the Cavs eliminate the Pacers and move on to face the Toronto Raptors in round two.

It’s VERY safe to assume Thompson will see many minutes tomorrow night in Game 1 as well.

Tristan Thompson with the Ball
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In response to his breakout performance, Thompson took to Instagram for the first time since his Khloe cheating scandal broke about three weeks ago.

Did he apologize to his girlfriend?

Vow to be a better man?

Share a photo of daughter True Thompson?

No, no and no.

Thompson simply reference the game and the home crowd in his not-so-revealing message.

"WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE IN THE Q!! GREAT WIN #OnToTheNextOne," wrote Thompson after Cleveland’s 105-101 victory.

Post By Tt

As you can see from one comment above, not all fans are ready to forgive Thompson just because he rolled hard to the basket yesterday, finished strong and used his hustle to assist on many second-chance points for the Cavs,

"You’re still fowl if the only thing that’s important," reads one remark in response to his post.

"Those skanks won’t want to know you when you’re old and washed up. Your daughter probably won’t either."

For the first time in awhile, however, Thompson’s name was trending on Twitter for a reason aside from his wandering penis and inappropriate behavior.

Folks were talking about Thompson for what he did on the court Sunday, although these exploits also led to many easy jokes for some to make on social media.

To wit:

Thompson Slams

LOL at Thompson playing hard because he doesn’t want to go home to Cleveland.

It is true that Tristan and his colleagues are now off to Toronto for the next two games in this second round series.

He gets to be in an entirely different country than Khloe for a few days! No wonder he wanted yesterday’s win so badly, right?!?

A previous report had alleged that Thompson is angry his infidelity has become so public. He’s not dealing with the hate very well, apparently.

But whatever, right? Khloe isn’t dealing with his cheating very well, either, we’re sure.

Should she finally end the relationship? Will she finally end the relationship?

We delve into those questions below: