Jeremy Calvert on Girlfriend's DUI: Who DOESN'T Drink and Drive?!

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Jeremy Calvert ... he sure is a character, that's for sure.

Sometimes it's fun, like when he absolutely destroyed Jenelle Evans for her pulling a gun on someone during a road rage incident and then getting mad when he expressed that maybe she should face some consequences for that.

Jeremy Calvert on Instagram

Sometimes it's not so fun, like when he got kind of racist when Leah Messer told him she was thinking about taking their daughter on vacation to Mexico.

But either way, Jeremy has opinions, lots of them, and he's never afraid to share them.

And his opinions on his new girlfriend and her recent DUI ... well, you're really just going to have to see it to believe it.

See, Jeremy has been dating this girl, Desi Kibbler, for a little while now.

He just started posting about her on social media within the past few weeks, but when people started talking about it, she tweeted that "this has been going on longer than any of y'all know."

She explained that they'd "kept it under wraps until we were ready," but it seems like Desi's more than just ready to reveal their relationship.

She's been hinting that she's ready to get married to Jeremy and to start having kids with him, which seems ... premature, we'll say.

Jeremy Calvert and Desi Kibler

It actually seems insane and like a big ol' crazy red flag, but we'll give her the benefit out the doubt at this point.

And hey, who knows, they might actually end up getting married and living happily ever after, right?

Anything is possible.

Anyway, that's Desi, and she got a DUI last month in Ohio.

We heard about it after it happened, but the story got some traction again during Jeremy's recent feud with Jenelle.

It started because Jeremy asked Teen Mom executive producer Morgan J. Freeman if Jenelle was going to face any consequences for her infamous road rage incident.

She didn't appreciate it, and so she went off in a series of tweets directed at Jeremy, and in one of those, she asked "Shouldn't you be worrying about that 22 year old you just bailed out for DUI?!'"

Jenelle Evans Freakin' Out

"Lmfao Hope Leah doesn't have her kids ride with your new side piece."

Desi responded, admitting that she did get a DUI, but adding that "I keep my mouth shut about you and your life because I don't care, maybe you should do the same."

But apparently that wasn't enough of a rebuttal, because Jeremy and Desi both gave an interview to The Ashley's Reality Roundup to share the whole story about Desi's DUI.

For one, she actually got two DUIs. On the same night.

"I have never been in trouble before," she begins, "and I'm far from a bad person and a trouble maker."

"On April 11 I decided to go have a few drinks with a friend. We were there for a few hours and I didn't consume more than three drinks in those few hours."

She says that they left the bar around 1:00 AM "and I got pulled over because I hadn't put my new registration sticker on my car."


After she got pulled over, the police officer asked her to get out of the car for a sobriety check, and she obviously didn't do too well.

"He said I was drunk and had me taken down to the police station where I sat and did paperwork for two hours," she recalls.

"After everything was said and done, he released me and never mentioned I couldn't go back and get my car. I figured I had sobered up enough to go get my car and go home."

Spoiler: she had not.

Desi says that she didn't know she wasn't allowed to drive, since the cop didn't say anything about it and didn't do anything with her car.

After getting a ride from a friend to her car, she drove off, and then the very same cop "pulled up behind me when I was out of my car and said I was getting another DUI."

"Him and another cop went through my car and found an ADHD pill in my car."

Desi and Jeremy

You can't make this stuff up.

Jeremy said that the pill was an Adderall, but they both said it wasn't Desi's, that it belonged to someone else because she gives lots of people lots of rides in her car.

"I will own up to having a few drinks and driving when I shouldn't have," she says, "but I will not own up to a pill that wasn't mine."

She ended up pleading no contest, and one of the DUI charges was dropped. She was found guilty for the other, she got a misdemeanor for the pill, and they dropped the whole thing about her expired tags.

Jeremy is standing by his girlfriend through it all, saying that "Desi doesn't use drugs. She drinks, yeah clearly, but who doesn't drink and drive once or twice?"

"Anyone over the age of 21 without an Uber service in their area goes to the bar and drives home."

Jer Calvert Image

... No, Jeremy. No, that is not true.

You could pick a designated driver in your group of friends. You could arrange for someone to drop you off and come pick you up if you plan on drinking.

This is an extra crazy idea, but if you know you're going to be in a situation where you have to drive, you could just not drink?

Finally, Jeremy talks about Desi in a more general sense, and it kind of sounds like he's open to the idea of getting married, too.

"It's way different with her than my past relationships," he says. "I guess we'll see what the future holds."

However, he adds that "I don't want Desi to be brought into the MTV bullsh-t. I don't want her in that whirlwind of drama."

Little late for that, bud.

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