Alex Templeman, Becca Kufrin Suitor, Accused of Assault... and Battery!

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As reality TV fans know all too well, Becca Kufrin had to deal with a jerk during her run on The Bachelor.

(Yes, Arie Luyendyk Jr., we're looking at YOU.)

But now that the new Bachelorette has gotten over her very public humiliation at the hands of Luyendyk, we're now forced to ask and wonder:

Becca Kufrin Smells a Rose

Is she about to deal with a violent jerk?!?

With the premiere of Becca's Bachelorette season just a few weeks ago (May 28 at 8/7c on ABC!!!!!), Radar Online has obtained legal documents from Dekalb County Court in Georgia, a suitor on upcoming episodes named Alex Templeman is accused of some pretty terrible behavior.

Specifically, he's accused of "committing an unprovoked physical attack on the plaintiff with his fists, therefore committing battery" against a friend named Salvatore Nappo.

This alleged incident took place on July 3, 2017.

Nappo was friends with a woman Templeman was dating at the time, 

Becca Kufrin Laughs

"Templeman and Nappo belong to a circle of friends," the report states, adding in more detail:

"He was making derogatory comments to him over text and then he brutally assaulted him.

"He got the hell beat out of him. He busted open his eye socket, leaving it fractured. His nose was busted up pretty bad."

Radar has also obtained a couple of these text messages, one of which we've shared below:

radar texts

"Only degenerate I know of is the biggest f--kboy in ATL and scumbag. Your boy," writes Alex in one message, going on to claim that Salvatore has been "bad mouthing him."

When asked why he hated the plaintiff, Alex replies:

"Bc he's a scumbag. Out for himself. After about a year of hanging out with him I've thrown in the towel."

Salvatore is claiming he suffered serious bodily injury from Alex's attack and is seeking $2.5 million to cover medical expenses.

Templeman - who is a 31-year-old project manager from Atlanta - has denied the allegations and says he was acting in self-defense.

He has also asked the court to dismiss the case, which is still pending.

capn colgate

The real question here, of course, is how Templeman and his past got through ABC background checks.

We're not saying he's guilty of all that's alleged here, but one would still think the accusations on their own would be enough to prevent Templeman from being selected as a suitor.

Just how far will he go on Becca's season?

Visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to find out.

Elsewhere, producers may have dropped the ball by also bringing on a suitor named Lincoln... who is known for dropping his pants at the wrong time.

He has a reputation for pooping on the floor, is what we're saying.

"I saw this guy with his pants around his ankles, with toilet paper on the ground, and he's going to the bathroom on the toilet paper," a source told Life & Style recently.

(Really, we're not making this up.)

Continued this insider:

"I kind of double took and couldn't really understand what I was seeing. Either the next day or the day after that I walk in and he's doing it again, and I'm like 'You got to be kidding me.'

"When I told my buddies they were like, 'What?' they didn't believe me so I snapped a picture from when you walk in... just to kind of prove it to them — not knowing that the guy is going to be on a TV show two years later."

Well... okay then!

Good luck, Becca.

You may need it.

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