Jeremy Calvert: I'm Not Racist, I Just Don't Like Mexico!

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Yep. Another day, another instance of Teen Mom 2 ex-husband Jeremy Calvert biting the hand that feeds him.

Don't look now, but he's real upset and hurt and angry that MTV edited hours upon hours of footage into a 40 minute show people would want to watch.

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At this point, Jeremy is turning his Instagram rant sessions into a weekly affair, updating his followers with each and every grievance he has with the show as soon as the new episode airs.

"I don't give a damn," he's said about his anti-Teen Mom agenda. "I'm going to do it every Monday."

But he wanted to make sure everyone knew that "I'm not just trying to create drama. If they show something positive on an episode, I'll say it was positive."

Still, "If there's something that they air that makes me look like an a--hole, I'll say that. I'm not going to hide behind a cell phone to protect my ass."

It's obvious that Jeremy feels very strongly about how he's being portrayed on the show, which is fair.

Jeremy Calvert, Daughter

"I'm not trying to [have people] look past anything I do wrong," he insists.

"I just want to put the real story out there."

The issue, according to the pipeline engineer, is that "When you're married to [one of the Teen Moms], they make you look good."

"As soon as you get divorced, MTV makes you look like an a--hole."

And boy, on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, he looked like the biggest a--hole.

On the show, Leah told Jeremy that she planned on taking her daughters, including the one she shares with Jeremy, on a vacation to Mexico.

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Then Jeremy spoke with Corey Simms, Leah's first ex-husband and the father of her twins, and had some words with him about the trip, which he seemed to be totally unaware of.

"Leah is planning on taking the kids to Mexico," Jeremy told him.

"Not New Mexico, motherf-cking Mexico."

He added, "I ain't really too thrilled about that. I just don't like Mexico."

So that sounds pretty racist, right?

Jeremy straight up said that he dislikes an entire country, and ... well, there's not many possible explanations for why that is.

You know, besides racism.

Jeremy Calvert on Teen Mom 2

And so the Mexico issue is the subject of Jeremy's latest Instagram rant, which he's since deleted.

His first piece of evidence in his favor is that the timeline is all screwed up, because Corey already knew about the trip.

"As already informed a week and a half prior to us filming that scene that he was aware of the whole Mexico trip," he revealed.

"Clearly when I called on camera he was completely caught off guard by the Mexico trip. You can figure that out!"

We actually can't figure that out, these words seem kind of jumbled and placed together in a way that almost makes sense, but not quite.

But we're pretty sure he's saying that something's not right, and he used that to jump to his next point.

"MTV did not show the part of the rest of the conversation in regards to the Mexico trip and the reason why I don't want my child to go there," he said.

"I'm not racist. MTV does some good editing."

So this would be a perfect time to explain why he didn't want his daughter to go to Mexico, right? He could just clear things right up.

But, according to Jeremy, he doesn't owe anyone any explanations when it comes to how he chooses to raise his daughter.

... Except wasn't this whole pitiful rant an explanation? He couldn't go for a few extra seconds to explain his "I just don't like Mexico" statement?

Sounds good, bud. See you next week.

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