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On February 3 of this year, Jack Osbourne and Lisa Osbourne welcomed baby #3.

So fans were shocked at the surprise announcement that Jack and Lisa have filed for divorce.

Now that the news is out, the couple has released a statement over social media.

Lisa Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Baby Minnie, and Ozzy Osbourne

On Friday, The Blast revealed that Jack and Lisa had filed for divorce.

What’s more is that the filing revealed that the couple had been separated since May 4.

Some separations last for years. For others, it’s just a very brief step before divorce.

Lisa Osbourne is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s three children.

The reason for the filing is “irreconcilable differences.”

Which … could mean almost anything.

Fortunately, the two have issued a statement.

Lisa Osbourne and Baby Minnie
Photo via Instagram

Taking to social media, Jack and Lisa addressed their fans and followers:

“Hello! So the news about us separating has probably come as a bit of a shock to everyone.”

Absolutely. They didn’t show any sign of issues on social media, and their youngest child is just a few months old.

“But, we just want to clear the air and share with you what’s going on.”

That is so decent of them.

“So, first and foremost, we absolutely still love each other.”

That’s good to hear.

“Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work.”

That certainly makes this sound like the result of a long-standing problem.

Jack Osbourne and All Three Children

However, love isn’t enough to make a marriage work.

“What’s best for our family right now is that we separate lovingly.”

They’re absolutely right. Some people try to stay together for their children, and a troubled marriage is seldom best for the child.

“And remain best friends who are committed to raising our children together.”

That sounds very promising.

“We had 7 beautiful years of being a couple …”

That is a very long time for any relationship, marriage or otherwise, to last.

” … Filled with the most amazing moments and we will be eternally grateful to one another for that.”

That is so sweet.

Lisa Osbourne, Baby Bump
Photo via Instagram

The statement continues.

“We also have 3 wonderful children [whom] we cherish more than anything.”

Pearl Clementine was born in April 2012. Andy Rose was born in June 2015. And, of course, Minnie Theodora was born in February of 2018.

“We are disappointed.”

That is more than understandable. A lot of couples think that they will be the ones to beat the odds. But, obviously, that’s not true of all of them.

But they express optimism for the future.

“But feel confident that we will continue to grow our relationship as co-parents and best friends.”

Some have pointed to the apparently abrupt breakup after plenty of lovey-dovey posts and wondered if something happened.

Cheating. They wonder if cheating happened. If an affair were suddenly discovered, that would drive plenty of people to separate and then hastily divorce.

But it’s important to realize that plenty of couples, celebrities in particular, can have disagreements or other issues for months or even years without showing any sign of it on social media.

Maybe there was a proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for their marriage.

Or perhaps its failure was inevitable, and they fought for years. That’s what they’re saying, anyway.

It is worth noting that Lisa Osbourne has purged recent photos of Jack from her Instagram, which may indicate that things are a little less amicable than they would have us believe.

But perhaps it’s just a sign that this is difficult for everyone involved.