Dream Kardashian is Growing Up Before Our Very Eyes

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Rob Kardashian's relationship with Blac Chyna was an epic disaster. It was upsetting, it was dramatic, and it's over.

But one good thing came out of it: Dream Kardashian.

She is 18 months old, and Rob just shared a new photo of his precious daughter. Look at how much she's grown!

Dream Kardashian is Growing Up!!

Dream is growing up right before our eyes.

Rob shared this adorable photo of Dream in a big-girl stroller on Thursday, writing:


He follows that word with a smiley face emoji.

Dream is flashing him an awkward smile, like all kids flash at their parents when asked to smile.

Like we said, she's growing up quickly.

And, not for nothing, but we cannot help but think that Blac Chyna would have trouble throwing this stroller across a theme park. Though ... let's not put it past her.

Dream Kardashian Tea Party

Just a few weeks ago, in April, Rob also shared this photo of Dream looking happy and adorable.

His provided caption made this pic even sweeter.

"Mornings start with a tea party."

This is so cute!

Dream is unspeakably cute, and there is something emotionally overwhelming about a baby's expression of true joy.

And, sorry parents, but it's not the same as the smile that you see when you get them to say "cheese."

Dream Kardashian in Pink

Adults don't generally change drastically in one year. Maybe they gain or lose weight or change their hair, but they're usually pretty recognizable.

Babies, on the other hand, are growing rapidly and changing every day.

In the space of a few weeks, a baby could learn hundreds of new words, pass multiple developmental milestones, and also gain several pounds -- in a good way.

As Dream continues to grow and learn, she develops more of her personality. She also increases her understanding and awareness of the world around her.

One day she may gain greater insight into the relationship that her parents had and the possible financial motive that some believe was behind her conception.

But ... let's not waste time worrying about a day that is likely many years off.

Dream Kardashian in Pink Hair Extensions

Following recent pregnancy rumors about Chyna, reports claimed that Rob was exasperated, afraid, and angry about the idea of Chyna having getting pregnant again while Dream is still a baby.

Of course, there was also talk that Rob's feelings were more mixed than people had realized.

Because at least one report said that Blac Chyna was seducing Rob all over again by sending him nudes and reminding him of the good times.

There's always a chance that Dream's parents could get back together one of these days.

Even though they're probably too toxic together for it to work out.

Also, Rob's family would absolutely lose their minds.

Dream Kardashian is the Cutest!

Dream is so cute and so precious, and every photo of her is a gift.

She's one of the only reasons that a lot of people would like to see Rob permitted to have his own Instagram account again.

(He shares photos and videos of Dream on Twitter)

But his Instagram was taken down last year after his revenge porn attack against Blac Chyna, so ... it does make sense that they're not trusting him to upload only acceptable photos again.

In the mean time, the world can enjoy the pics that Chyna shares and, of course, the ones that Rob tweets.

She'll be grown before we know it.

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