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Blac Chyna went out to spend Easter Sunday with her children, Dream and King. They were accompanied by their nanny, their entourage, and by Chyna’s hot 18-year-old boyfriend.

Unfortunately, as a viral fan video shows, Chyna got into a violent-looking altercation with someone else in the park. 

See that explosive video, and Chyna’s statement about the fight, below.

Blac Chyna Feels Dreamy

Blac Chyna celebrated this past holiday weekend by taking her young children, King and Dream, to California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain. It’s a great place to go … unless you get greyouts from roller coasters.

Unfortunately, as a fan video revealed, Chyna got into some sort of altercation while at the park.

After reportedly being slapped by a woman, Blac Chyna is shown trying to wield her daughter’s pink car toy as a weapon, seeming to try to throw it at the woman with whom she had a beef.

She’s not very effective at it and, after a while, the people around her try to stop her, but her fury seems very evident.

There is no sign that either Dream or King was around to see any of this.

It is difficult to verify details, but a woman claiming to have been involved explained that she was at the park and, not knowing who Dream was and seeing her little car being pushed by a white woman — her nanny — she complimented how beautiful the baby was.

(Dream really is too cute for words)

The nanny thanked her and this woman says that she interpreted that the nanny had given her permission to touch the baby. It sounds like she booped Dream’s nose or cheek or something like that, and walked on.

She was then confronted by Chyna, she says, who then departed in a fury. She says that she then heard that Chyna was ranting about wanting to beat up this woman for having touched her baby.

According to this woman’s statement — which, again, cannot be verified — she tried to talk things out with Chyna, who reportedly started taking off extra things that she was wearing.

As one might do if one is about to "throw down."

This woman says that her response to this apparent act of aggression was to slap Chyna.

Rob Kardashian with Dream on His Birthday

You know who’s loving this story?

Rob Kardashian.

He’s back on Instagram, where he re-posted the video clip of Blac Chyna’s fury, which you can see below.

In the captions, he wrote: "Just gonna leave this here."

Though reportedly the two are getting along better than they had in the past — in fact, one report even claims that Rob wants Chyna back — it sounds like he can’t resist to urge to boost an embarrassing video of her.

At least it’s not revenge porn, this time.

Dream Kardashian is Adorable

Here sits Dream in the stroller-slash-car as it’s used for its intended purpose.

Blac Chyna spoke out about the incident on her Instagram story, saying:

"Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny but when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child it’s a whole other story."

Honestly, do not touch someone’s baby without their permission. Though, in this case, there may have been a misunderstanding.

Chyna continues:

"I do not condone violence nor am I a violent person but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost."

That’s the first obligation of any parent.

"Love, King and Dream’s mommy."

Blac Chyna Acts All Sweet

This altercation might have been prevented with better communication.

Though obviously no responsible nanny is going to announce: "Yes, this is a celebrity’s baby!" And perhaps this unnamed other woman could use some better boundaries.

It looks like Chyna needs to find a healthier way to express her anger, but we’d point out that it doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt.

It also sounds like Chyna’s heart was in the right place — she was trying to set boundaries to protect her children.

We just hope that they did not see their mother go off like that in the park.

Take a look: