Blac Chyna: Seducing Rob Kardashian Again With Nude Pics?

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When the two of you have a massive breakup, wage epic court battles against each other, and each accuse the other of domestic violence ... your split looks permanent.

Even in the face of recent pregnancy rumors about Blac Chyna, there's a report that Rob Kardashian is seriously considering getting back with his baby mama.

It's even said that she's been sending him nudes to entice him. Oh no. ...

Blac Chyna in Costume

InTouch Weekly reports that Chyna is chatting up Rob ... and that, as always, she knows the fastest way to his heart.

"Chyna's been sweet talking Rob and sending him nudes."

Sweet talk is one thing.

Nudes are another. Especially when you're a hot model and you have a feeling that Rob has been missing you, majorly.

"He's falling for it big time and is preparing to drop major cash on her and Dream [Kardashian] for Mother's Day."

(We love, by the way, that InTouch clarified Dream's last name. Lest we confuse her with one of the many other Dreams on whom Rob might spend money)

While the idea of a happy family on Mother's Day (which is this Sunday, folks, in case time has gotten away from you) is heartwarming, the deeply toxic relationship between Rob and Chyna has a lot of people worried about this.

And you can already guess how Rob's family feels.

Kris Jenner, Champagne Face

"His family is worried."

Among other things, we're sure. (Try pissed)

"They think Chyna's extremely manipulative and that Rob can't see through it."

Apparently they've expressed their concerns to Rob, but he is apparently shrugging it off.

"Rob doesn't care."

We're certainly hoping that he doesn't say that to Kris Jenner's face.

"He sees Chyna as the mother to his daughter."

Well, that is ... factually accurate.

"And because of that, he's always going to have a sweet spot for her."

Oh dear.

Rob with His Dream

Apparently the hypnotic powers of Blac Chyna's naked body have made Rob reconsider how he views her.

"He feels like he's been ungrateful and that he and his family have not been kind to Chyna."

Well, a number of them were leery of her from the start.

"He realizes she's the love of his life."

Allegedly, he is thinking about how she helped him get out of the slump that had kept him off camera and his life in limbo for years.

Part of that was with sex. Part of that was with making sure that he ate healthy food.

"And that if it weren't for her, he wouldn't have the confidence he now has."

That may well be true.

Blac Chyna, All Made Up

But we have to remember that the bad blood between these two includes serious allegations of abuse.

Rob accuses Chyna of having gone on a rampage that destroyed parts of a house that he was at the time renting from his sister, Kylie.

In a deleted Snapchat post, Chyna wrote:

"Rob, [you] did all this. [You] beat me up and [tried to] act [like] it never [happened]!!!!!"

She swore tht it was true, and swore on her kids to show how serious she was.

"[You] put [your] hand on me, I swear on God !!!!! On my kids."

She expressed an unwillingness to remain silent.

"But, I'm supposed to be quiet because you're a Kardashian."

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

We don't know if this story is too. The idea of them getting back together sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But we can't help but wonder if Rob being pissed about Chyna's pregnancy rumors is what led to this.

After all, he was apparently concerned that it was true, so he may have reached out to her for assurances that she is not pregnant.

At the same time, he may have realized that he was jealous of her. Maybe one thing led to another and they started chatting again.

That's pure speculation, of course.

We hope that Rob and Chyna make the best choices for themselves and, more importantly, for Dream and King.

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