Audrey Roloff Shares First-Ever Photo with Baby Jackson!!!!!

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Little People, Big World fans across the Internet are still waiting for a photo of Audrey Roloff and Jacob Roloff together.

Until we see one, we're going to be left to wonder whether or not there really is a feud between these family members.

But at least any talk of a rivalry between Audrey and nephew Jackson Roloff can finally be put to bed, now that the former has shared a photo of herself with the latter.

For the first time EVER!

Audrey, Jeremy and Jackson

Audrey didn't even realize such an image didn't exist until she posed for it at Jackson's first birthday party, which was held at his family farm last week.

"I think this is the first picture of us with Jackson since he was born!" Audrey wrote to open her caption for a photo that also includes husband Jeremy.

She then referenced her daughter and explained why this was the case:

"All the pictures become OF the babies instead of WITH the babies ha! I can’t believe our nephew is already ONE!

"Sorry cousin Ember couldn’t stay awake till the end of the party to make the photo. Uncle Jer and Aunt Auj will always love you bud!"

The above snapshot is very cute, of course.

But Audrey also shared one of her eight-month old sitting next to the birthday boy and... holy presciousness! We can't get enough of these two!

Ember Jean Roloff and Jackson Kyle Roloff

Jackson turned a year old on May 10 and was feted by all of his loved ones.

Based on a photo shared by a very excited grandfather, it looks like the family was fortunate enough to enjoy a gorgeous afternoon forthe occasion, which included a tent as part of Camp Jackson.

"Happy Birthday baby J. What an incredible day of celebrating your 1st year of life!" Matt Roloff penned as a caption to the image below.

Celebrating with Jackson

Jackson is the first Roloff grandchild.

Shortly after he was born, parents Tori and Zach told the world that their son had been diagnosed with the same type of dwarfism with which his dad had also been diagnosed.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” Zach told People Magazine at the time.

He can relate to everything his son has gone through and will go through and knows there will be some challenges to come.

"But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy," he added in this interview. "You have to earn it."

Both Zach and Tori have been keeping Instagram followers well apprised of the status and the progress of little Jackson.

Click below to check out his latest milestones... and then join us in wishing the infant a very happy first birthday!

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