Amber Portwood: Farrah Abraham SUCKS ... But Her Replacement Might Be Worse!

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Early Tuesday morning, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood welcomed her baby boy.

While she's excited and busy with her new baby, Amber always has time for her longstanding feud with Farrah Abraham.

And she's speaking about Farrah's firing ... and her replacement.

Amber Portwood with Baby Bump

Amber Portwood spoke to HollywoodLife.

"Everyone knows why Farrah’s not on the damn show."

While the exact story varies depending upon whom you ask, Amber is definitely not buying the "Viacom hate crimes" angle.

"She pushed her limits every season, she knew that she did."

Farrah was reportedly a nightmare for producers and others responsible for making the show.

Amber says that, eventually, enough was enough.

"And you can’t keep doing that."

Drama is the fuel that keeps reality television going, and Amber acknowledges that Farrah was nothing if not wildly dramatic.

"Yeah, it works for a little while, it brings some ratings."

Amber Portwood and Son

Amber explains that there are limits to how much of a real-world disaster you can be and still have people willing to work with you.

"But when you keep pushing back and it’s a big network, you can’t go too far."

Eventually, like a bear being harassed by a racist squirrel, MTV got tired of it.

"This is bigger than her."

But since Farrah has been claiming that this was all about her sex work, Amber thinks that Farrah may genuinely believe it.

"I think she didn’t realize that and she got booted for it."

But Amber won't lose any sleep over Farrah's departure.

"I’m just fine with it, s--t. I don’t care."

That's fair.

Sweet Baby James!

Reportedly, Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is replacing Farrah on Teen Mom OG.

But Amber says that she is in the dark -- or at least that she cannot confirm anything.

"I don’t know what’s going on with that."

Obviously, the stars aren't going to comment until the network makes things nice and official.

"Again, everything’s up in the air."

Amber does suggest that MTV's cameras may have included her giving birth to her newborn boy.

"I can’t say that yet. I really don’t know if my birth will be filmed because I may have him before the due date, so it’s getting crazy."

Amber's due date was May 13, so she's absolutely right.

But we do wonder if cameras are rolling.

Leah and James

The biggest thing in Amber's life right now has nothing to do with her past, present, or future castmates.

She just gave birth!

As Amber revealed back in December, her son's name is James Andrew Glennon.

Huge congratulations to the whole family -- Amber, Andrew, baby James, and of course, Leah!

When Amber went into early labor over the weekend, we knew that the countdown had begun.

Amber Portwood Flaunts Major Cleavage

Obviously, Amber Portwood has had her issues over the years ... and even recently.

Among other things, her anger issues have made her interesting to watch on television, even as they have alarmed viewers.

A lot of fans are also concerned about her whirlwind romance with Andrew Glennon. Some even worried that he used her emotional vulnerability to become her rebound.

But she seems to be much happier with her current situation than she has been in a while.

And congratulations for the birth of her son are absolutely in order.

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