Jackson Roloff at 11 Months: A Full Update!

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We're nearing a milestone, Little People, Big World fans.

We're inching closer and closer to Jackson Roloff turning one year old.

Before we arrive at that major occasion, however, the first child of Tori and Zach Roloff has turned 11 months...

... and his mother has once again provided up with a detailed update on what he can do and what he's been up to.

Scroll down to find out more!

1. What's the Latest, Tori?

What's the Latest, Tori?
Tori opened her latest post about Jackson by sharing this (adorable!) photo and writing: "How is it possible that this guy is going to be 1 in one month. I’m dying. What a blessing this kid is."

2. So, What Has He Been Up To?

So, What Has He Been Up To?
Tori has provided us with one of her most extensive updates to date, starting with: "Jackson is pulling himself up and is determined to start walking."

3. Amazing! What Else?

Amazing! What Else?
"He is loving books," Roloff writes, not specifying which type are her son's favorites right now.

4. Jackson Also Celebrated a Major Holiday

Jackson Also Celebrated a Major Holiday
Isn't that right, Tori? "He had his first Easter with lots of special friends and family."

5. The Kid Ain't Small

The Kid Ain't Small
We aren't making fun of you, Jackson! We're just quoting your mom: "He is eating... everything."

6. Some Bad News:

Some Bad News:
Well, not bad news. But this one is more of a NON-update: "No new teeth this month."

7. Wait, But How Big is He?

Wait, But How Big is He?
Going on a year now, Jackson is "finally hit 20 pounds," Tori wrote excitedly. Well done, adorable little dude!

8. Overall?

Tori just can't get enough of her son, and we can't blame her. She writes in this case: "Jackson’s personality has really come alive this month. He's so comical and playful."

9. Jackson is So Loved

Jackson is So Loved
"I am constantly growing more and more in love with him and he keeps everyone around him smiling. Love you so much bud!" concluded Tori in this message.

10. Wait, She Isn't Done Yet

Wait, She Isn't Done Yet
"Let the 1st birthday party plans begin," Tori wrote to end her post, teasing what ought to be a fun celebration on or around May 10.

11. How Far Has He Actually Come?

How Far Has He Actually Come?
For comparison's sake, this is the photo Tori shared when Jackson turned 10 months old.

12. And at 9 Months...

And at 9 Months...
You really can see how the precious bundle of joy has evolved in grown in just two months, right?

13. Okay, One More:

Okay, One More:
And this is Jackson at 8 months. He's easily one of our favorite famous babies out there.

14. We'll Be Watching!

We'll Be Watching!
As long as your parents allow us to chronicle your life via these kinds of phoots and updates, we'll be watching you grow for a long time to come, Jackson. Can't wait!

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