Tori Roloff Teases Fans; Is She Pregnant?!

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Last week, Little People, Big World fans were treated to an update on Jackson Roloff at 11 months. This little treasure will soon be one year old!

Jackson already has a younger cousin, the precious Ember Jean. But ... is he going to become a big brother?

His mom, Tori Roloff, is teasing fans that she wants another baby. And it might happen sooner than you think.

Black and White Love

In the photo below, Tori poses with sweet baby Jackson Roloff and with Brooklyn Rose, the super cute baby of her friend, Erica Meichtry.

"Just the two best friends," she writes.

Then she confesses:

"I could totally have a second kid."

She follows that up with a smirking emoji.

Tori Roloff Could Have a Second Child

This is such a sweet photo!

Tori could have just shared the snap and been done with it. A smiling mom with her baby and her friend's baby -- who could ask for more?

But she deliberately chose to add that caption.

The "I could have another baby" line sounds like an almost neutral, factual statement on its own.

But when she throws in that smirking emoji ... are she and Zach already making plans for baby number two?

For that matter ... is Tori already pregnant?

An Easter Celebration

We don't know. And, right now, she's just teasing.

But this isn't the first time that she's teased fans into believing that she's pregnant.

Last summer, her anniversary post to husband Zach Roloff raised some eyebrows -- and hopes -- that 

"Two years ago today I said ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams," she wrote at the time.

"This last year has been amazing and heartbreaking all at the same timel and I am so thankful for the man who stood by my side."

Here comes the line that had people wondering if she was already pregnant with Jackson's little sibling.

"I am so lucky that my kids get to call you dad and even more blessed that I get to call you mine.”

Tori Roloff and Jackson Roloff at the Pool

(This photo is of Jackson Roloff learning how to swim)

In that anniversary post, Tori referred to "my kids." Plural. Jackson is just one baby.

Clearly, she was at the time talking about possible children she might have in the future.

Now, though she's not quite announcing that she's pregnant, she's strongly hinting that she'd be open to it.

And that smirking emoji ... it sure seems like an indicator that she's ready to get pregnant, if she isn't already.

Then there's the fact that she wrote that down and shared it with her followers. That's a choice. Some wonder why she'd make such a teaser if it isn't to let fans know that they have something to look forward to.

Roloffs on Easter

Ultimately, we can't read too much into Tori's post for one simple reason.

She's posing with her friend's kid, and her friend already has a bunch of photos up of her (adorable) baby.

So if Tori was plugging her friend's baby by including her friend's url, then this snap's caption may have been carefully crafted to attract attention.

The more people who look at the photo, the more people will go to her friend's page.

All of this teasing may have just been for her friend's benefit, because Tori is a sweet person.

That said ... we don't doubt that her message is also true.

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