NeNe Leakes to Kim Zolciak: I DARE You to Sue Me, Bish!

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Even though Kim Zolciak is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it doesn't look like her feud with NeNe Leakes has run its course just yet.

In fact, Kim has written about NeNe, mentioning that she could sue her if she were so inclined.

NeNe is clapping back and essentially daring Kim to try it.

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes

Kim Zolciak has taken to Instagram to discuss her conflict with her erstwhile costar.

"I am so sorry for what has happened @neneleakes."

It starts off as an apology ... but quickly changes tone.

"We both know the truth, we both know that if I wanted to, I could have a law suit."

And she goes into all of the reasons that she believes that she has grounds to sue NeNe.

"For the lies you have spewed, tweeting out fake texts, implying I am racist, attacking me physically, claiming my daughter tweeted negative about you and your home."

That is, of course, a reference to the explosive #RoachGate feud.

Kim Zolciak Puts Her Hand Up

Kim Zolciak's statement continues.

"We both know these are lies. I have reacted to it publicly and for that I am sorry. I should have risen above it."

And yet she seems to be continuing to react publicly. But hey, that is arguably part of the job of a reality star.

"I personally will no longer engage with you on social media and perpetuate the hate. I am asking you to do the same."

We have NeNe's next engagement on social media below.

"We are grown women with families. Enough is enough. I want us to move on."

Good luck with that, Kim.

"If you continue this, it will be because you are attempting to stay on the show and stay relevant and that’s on you."

NeNe Leakes Reaction Image

NeNe, of course, was not going to let any part of that slide -- particularly not the implied threat of a lawsuit.

"Please file a lawsuit Chile! Like I’m begging you."

Most people don't beg to be sued, but it sounds like NeNe is itching for a court battle.

"You can never WIN when you play DIRTY so throw in the towel! I mean throw in the lips."

Another jab at Kim's appearance, right on the heels of Marlon Wayans making a cruel White Chicks joke at Kim's expense.

"Anytime you wanna go to court, I’m happy to see you there because your lies have runneth over."

Kim Zolciak: A Selfie

So ... they both accuse each other of lying.

But ... are they really willing to take this Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes battle into a courtroom?

Imagine spending years going through school and then law school and passing the bar and working as an attorney ... only to have to participate in a lawsuit between two women, one of whom accused the other's daughter of smuggling cockroaches in her genitals.

To say nothing of what the judge would feel. How many legal professionals would be questioning how their careers had brought them to a place where they were taking part in that case?

Is anyone else reminded of Joanna Krupa suing Brandi Glanville for saying that Joanna's vagina smells bad?

It's worth noting that Joanna actually won her case. What a time to be alive.

NeNe Leakes Selfie

NeNe also clapped back at Kim on Instagram, writing:

"I really wanna keep it 100 but sometimes you have to just keep it bout 75! So many things happen behind the scenes that you guys just never get to know or see."

So she's holding back due to professional and contractual obligations.

"I knew working with her would be a mess and I’ve said it over & over & over again to ALL of my higher ups but what happens, i get reprimanded! I’m the bad guy!"

Again, she laments that she can't reveal what she wants to say.

"I wish i could speak so much more freely but it’s best not too."

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes Selfie

"Sometimes you just have to let people see things for themselves which is what happened here!"

"I’ve been called everything in the book and painted so many different colors i have to wonder if I’m still black."

That was a cute phrase.

"Kim loves to push buttons, lie, talk s--t, insult, then become a victim when she’s called out on her s--t!"

That is sort of ... part of the job of being a reality star, in many people's minds. But it sounds like she's implying that there's some of it that goes on even behind the scenes.

"Most people would love for me to be the bully but the only bully here is Kim & her plastic surgeon! Bye wax figure."

Word to the wise: don't slam those who call you a bully and then insult someone else's appearance in the same breath.

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