Brandi Glanville Testifies: Yes, Joanna Krupa's Vagina Stinks!

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So, Joanna Krupa is suing Brandi Glanville for saying that her vagina smells. That's a thing that's really happening in the world. And it's reached the point of Brandi Glanville giving sworn testimony on the matter.

Take a moment to imagine going to law school and passing the bar exam only to be involved in this particular case. Okay, stop -- stop screaming.

Brandi Glanville may not be a lawyer, but she makes a great argument for why this lawsuit should be thrown out. Aside from the obvious absurdity, we mean.

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Remember that it was back in 2015, on Watch What Happens Live, when Brandi Glanville said that Joanna Krupa's p---y stinks, which didn't really seem like a vicious attack.

It was a line said for easy laughs, right?

In fact, Brandi at the time was just repeating her 2013 comments, because everybody wants to entertain when they're being interviewed.

It's hard to imagine that anyone, least of all Brandi, imagined that Joanna Krupa would sue for $15,000 over it.

There's being overly litigious and then there's whatever this is.

Don't get us wrong, we have absolutely no opinion on Joanna Krupa's genital odor, because we haven't smelled it.

And we pray that this continues to be the case.

That's no slight against Joanna.

(We don't want to investigate the genital odor, pleasant or unpleasant, of any Real Housewives)

But whatever the odor, this whole lawsuit is a mistake.

Joanna could win this (probably not, but she could) and it would still be a huge mistake.

Joanna Krupa Dines at Il Pastaio

Joanna Krupa signed up for p---y odor comments when she signed up for the show, Brandi said in the TMZ-acquired court transcript.

Brandi says that she "didn't say anything that I knew to be false."

That could be the crux of this case.

Slander suits are complicated and lawsuits over slander and libel vary across the globe.

But generally speaking, it's going to be hard to convince a jury that Brandi committed slander if she didn't knowingly make false statements.

And then there's just general knowledge about the human body.

Vagina's are self-cleaning, but a degree of odor can be normal for a lot of people, though it's seldom unpleasant.

Strong or unpleasant odors are usually the result of an upset pH balance.

That can happen from soap or sex or menstruation.

That means that, well, strong genital odor is a believable claim.

Brandi Book

There was more to Brandi's testimony, however.

Because Brandi said that comments like hers automatically went with the territory of becoming a reality star, Joanna Krupa's lawyer challenged her with a question:

"Do you think that means you can say things like her p---y smells?"

Brandi's reply?

"Well, yeah."

Brandi has also repeatedly stated that their Real Housewives contracts prevent castmembers from suing each other.

But we don't know the details of their contracts (if only!) and we don't know whether Brandi repeating the comments on Watch What Happens Live creates some sort of lawsuit loophole.

Joanna Krupa Eating

Ultimately, this has to turn out to be counterproductive for Joanna.

First of all, this makes her look vindictive.

Second of all, it makes her look super defensive.

And finally, while we may all be able to spout off five facts about Brandi Glanville off of the top of our heads, not everyone is super familiar with Real Housewives stars.

But this lawsuit is making all kinds of headlines and even people who aren't familiar with the parties involved are paying attention.

So, true or not, Joanna Krupa risks making herself known as the "woman with the stinky p---y" to a lot of people, all in the hopes of a little empty vindication.

There is such a thing as bad publicity.

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