Kendra Wilkinson: Yup, She's Returning to Reality TV!

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We hope you're sitting down as you read this.

We hope you're not operating any heavy machinery.

We hope that you're ready for your jaw to slam into the floor upon it dropping over the following shocking piece of news...

Kendra Wilkinson with Coffee

... Kendra Wilkinson is likely returning to reality television!

It's been presumed for months, of course, that Kendra was angling to make this happen.

She impressively managed to squeeze SIX seasons of Kendra on Top out of the question of whether or not she would leave Hank Baskett in the wake of his 2014 cheating scandal.

Once that storyline was finally exhausted last summer, however, it appeared as if WEtv was done with the former centerfold.

What else was there to milk out of a romance that wasn't going anywhere?

Out of two people who actually appeared happy, committed and in love?

The answer, of course, was nothing.

But a lot has changed since August 2017, when the last installment of Kendra on Top aired.

Specifically, Kendra filed for divorce from Hank after nine years of marriage.

Kendra and Hank, Back in the Day

Prior to taking this step, Wilkinson shared numerous sad photos and messages on social media, doing all she could to publicize the drama in the hope, we assumed all along, of getting WEtv's attention.

And now it sounds as if this strategy worked.

“All signs are pointing to a renewal given the recent news about Kendra and Hank,” a source tells Radar of Kendra on Top.

This same insider explains that the show was on the "chopping block" following last year's finale, but that Kendra's public meltdown over her impending divorce piqued the interest of potential producers.

To what kind of public meltdown are we referring?

The answer is below:

It's unclear at the moment whether a seventh season would focus on Kendra dealing with her divorce filing fallout or looking to date again or both.

It's also unclear whether Baskett would appear in any future episodes.

What has been clear for a very long time, however, is that Wilkinson needs reality television like a fish needs water.

“Kendra really wants that steady gig of reality show money,” this source says, adding for emphasis:

“She needs it! Also, she’s been doing reality shows over a decade, and she’s lost without it.”

Kendra with Family

Said the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner upon basically confirming her break-up back on April 2:

"I did everything I could. It wasn’t good enough,” she said in an April 2 video, admitting at the time that there are no hard feelings between her and her soon-to-be ex:

"I will forever love Hank and be open but for now we have chosen to go our own ways...

"I’m beyond sad and heartbroken because i did believe in forever, that’s why i said yes but unfortunately too much fear has gotten in the way."

Most notably, the hand of transgender Ava London got in the way back when she jerked off Baskett to completion.

There was just no recovering from this incident for the couple.

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