Kendra Wilkinson Falls Apart on Instagram, Confirms Divorce!?

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It may finally be all over for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

The long-time couple has two kids together, but also one transgender hand job scandal that it appears they've never fully moved past.

For years, Kendra has hinted that there's trouble with her marriage, ever since Baskett confessed to receiving manual pleasure from a model named Ava London.

In late February 2018, Kendra insisted to everyone that her relationship really was in trouble...

... and a month later, well, she did THIS.

She shared several photos and messages on Instagram, all of which depicted an ex-centerfold in major trouble and which seemingly culminated in a major announcement.

Scroll around below to see what we mean and then see if you agree with this really does appear to be the end of the marital line for Kendra and Hank:

1. How Did We Get Here?

Kendra, a former Playmate, and Baskett, former NFL wide receiver, were married on June 27, 2009.

2. They Share Two Kids

They Share Two Kids
The couple are parents to a son (also named Hank) and a daughter (named Alijah). They kids are very cute.

3. But Trouble Has Been Brewing for Years

In 2014, Baskett says he went to a hotel room to buy some marijuana and ended up getting a hand job from a transgender model named Ava London. (Really, this was his story and he's stuck with it.)

4. Seriously, You Can Watch the Confession

Click above to see Hank break down as he tells his wife what transpired.

5. Kendra on Top...

... but Hank on the bottom. The couple starred in six seasons of a reality show on WEtv that chronciled their relationship and wondered whether they'd ever move on from this cheating scandal.

6. The Last New Episode Aired in August of 2017

In the months since, Kendra has continually told social media followers that her marriage is on the rocks. Is she serious? Or just trying to garner attention for Season 7?

7. Enter Kendra's Rant...

Enter Kendra's Rant...
We were asking ourselves that question about Kendra and Hank when the latter jumped on Instagram in late March 2018, ranted, raved and appeared to make it clear what she had decided to do. Ready to see what we mean?

8. Please, Please Pray for Me

Please, Please Pray for Me
Kendra says she needs your prayers. The ex-centerfold is clearly desperate for attention... we mean, clearly struggling with her marriage.

9. Am I Strong Enough?

Am I Strong Enough?
Kendra has always been on top, but that requires a unique inner strength. She fears she is losing it.

10. When Good Just Isn't Good Enough

When Good Just Isn't Good Enough
Many fans have suggested therapy for Kendra and Hank, but it's apparent the former does not think it's a good idea.

11. Life is Just Too Precious...

Life is Just Too Precious...
... not to love oneself or have strong self-esteem. It's true and important to remember, don't you think?

12. Labels are Also for the Birds

Labels are Also for the Birds
Especially the labels featured here, Kendra insists. They are each just so very, very wrong she says.

13. Why Can't Anyone Hug Me?

Why Can't Anyone Hug Me?
I'm soft. I'm vulnerable. I am full of affection and desire. I just need someone to realize all of this.

14. Going for the Knockout!

Going for the Knockout!
It sounds like Kendra has gotten herself up and dusted herself off over the course of this Instagram rant. She's ready to bring it in figurative ring again!

15. The Sun Will Come Up, Tomorrow

The Sun Will Come Up, Tomorrow
And so will I, vows Kendra. It's always darkest before the light, right? That's what people often say.

16. The End of the Marital Line?

The End of the Marital Line?
And is this what that sun shined on? A ring-free Kendra, announcing to the world that she is done with her marriage?

17. So... Is It Really Over?

So... Is It Really Over?
Our guess? No. We think Kendra just needed to vent a little bit and that she won't leave the husband of her kids.

18. HOWEVER...

"She’s been really unhappy and felt uncomfortable in the marriage and they have been fighting a lot," a source tells Us Weekly, adding that a divorce really is on tap.

19. What About the Kids?

If this really is it for the couple, we just hope they keep one thing in mind. Or two things, really: their children. We hope they keep a potential split amicable for the sake of their young kids.

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