Joanna Gaines Shows Off Her Precious Baby Bump on Her 40th Birthday

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Fixer Upper may be over, but Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting their fifth child. It's still an exciting time of growth for the couple -- and for their fans.

Well, on Thursday, Joanna Gaines had her 40th birthday.

And she's showing off her birthday baby bump with a sweet photo.

Joanna Gaines Selfie Alert

Two weeks ago, Joanna Gaines bid farewell to Fixer Upper in a lengthy post in which she reflected upon the series.

She also offered fans a glimpse at what the future holds for the Gaines household.

But that was never going to be the last that her fans heard from her.

Now, she's showing off her baby bump -- and her beautiful self -- on her 40th birthday.

Check out this photo of her from April 19th.

Joanna Gaines, 40th Birthday Baby Bump

This is such a fun and carefree pose. Very appropriate.

Also, those lovely doughnuts look so inviting that some fans may have taken a few moments to notice Joanna at all ... let alone her baby bump.

(Remember when you were a kid and you could have finished off a baker's dozen if someone had let you? I haven't had a doughnut since 2016. That hurts my soul)

Joanna, herself chowing down on one doughnut while her other hand holds a cup of what some commenters guess is tea, wrote in the captions:

"This is 40. And I like it... #pregnantandforty #anddoughnuts"

Well, there's a lot to love in that photo. Not to mention the baby bump, which she is very nearly using as a shelf for her drink.

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines Arrive

Chip Gaines, of course, was not one to let his wife's birthday go by without remarking on it.

He took to Twitter, writing:

"Happy birthday sweet girl! #40neverLookedSoGood"

It is worth noting that he tweeted this message at an unspeakably early hour.

Life can get like that when you have four children and a busy career.

But he still has time -- no, he makes time -- to honor his beautiful wife.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Announcement

Fans flooded Joanna's comments with well-wishes, showing that they don't need Fixer Upper to continue to admire this captivating couple.

"Luv this girl sooo much praying for her and her awesome family."

The Gaines are deeply religious Christians, and certainly appreciate prayers from fans.

"Happy Birthday to you sweet lady. You look amazing!"

She really does.

"Happy birthday to a most talented woman. I will visit Waco some day to visit your silos."

A lot of fans want to do the same.

"Happy Birthday, you look so cute with your belly bump."

Please call it a "baby bump," folks. The latter sounds like you might be softly body-shaming someone.

Joanna Gaines Bump

This wasn't the first time that fans have seen Joanna flaunt her baby bump on social media, and it surely won't be the last.

She and her husband are so excited to be awaiting the arrival of their fifth child.

They shared the happy news in January -- but did not learn that they were expecting until after they had already decided to quit Fixer Upper.

(Some say that they quit over a bad contract that was letting the network control their lives and limit their income)

Then, in March, Chip Gaines revealed that they're expecting a boy with an adorable video.

We wish them the best of luck as the pregnancy continues.

Happy (belated) birthday, Joanna!

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