Duggar Parenting Fails: 13 Of the Family's Most Shocking Moments

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It was the size of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's massive brood that made them famous, but it's the unusual fashion in which the couple has raised their 19 kids that's made them subjects of continued fascination.

From bizarrely detailed "courtship rules" to a strict ban on girls and women wearing pants, the Duggars exercise control over every aspect of their children's lives.

It's a way of life that's earned them more critics than fans over the years, and when you look at the long list of jaw-dropping Duggar parenting moments, it's not hard to see why that is:

1. Pants, Pants Revolution

Pants, Pants Revolution
After a lifetime of only being permitted to wear long skirts, Jinger Duggar defied her parents and began wearing pants in public. Her sister Jessa Duggar followed suit. Jim Bob is reportedly displeased, but under the Duggar code of conduct, his hands are tied as long as their husbands allow a more lax dress code.

2. Blanket Training

Blanket Training
The Duggars practice a controversial method of child discipline known as "blanket training." In it, children are placed on a blanket and either restrained or physically punished if they attempt to move from it. Many fans believe this photo shows Israel Dillard receiving blanket training from his parents, Jill and Derick.

3. The Infamous Tortilla Hat

The Infamous Tortilla Hat
Earlier this year, Jill Duggar was harshly criticized for placing a tortilla on the head of her infant son Samuel. Seems like she just needed something to block the sun in a pinch, but the decision to substitute food for clothing didn't sit well with fans.

4. Bike Fight

Bike Fight
Speaking of headgear, some fans got upset about recent photos that showed young Duggar children riding bikes without helmets. And that wasn't the family's first cycling-related controversy...

5. Inappropriate Attire?

Inappropriate Attire?
It all started with this photo that not only showed the Duggar kids helmet-less, but also revealed that girls in the family are forced to wear skirts even while riding bikes.

6. Kids With Guns

Kids With Guns
Before that OTHER big scandal surrounding Josh Duggar and kids, there was the one surrounding this photo. Fans were understandably not thrilled by the sight of Josh and Anna's young children posing with a massive semi-automatic weapon.

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