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The Duggar family is rich.

Those familiar with Jim Bob Duggar’s net worth know he’s made his fortune through real estate investments, and a lot of them at that.

After all of their reality television ups and downs, and despite having 19 children to support, he’s got over $3 million. Far from shabby.

But 19 Kids and Counting isn’t on television anymore, and Counting On doesn’t rake in the same kind of money as in their heyday.

Fortunately – and surprisingly – this family of over 30 members seems to have found another, more modern revenue stream.

Fans believe that the Duggars are engaging in social media influencer marketing, like so many other reality stars these days

Curiously, they don’t seem to tag what appear to be obvious product endorsements, but these posts are not subtle. At all.

It’s possible that they’re just getting free products, but the volume of the posts seems to indicate that money must be changing hands.

If so, it’s possible – just possible, not confirmed – they’re running afoul of FTC regulations and making money off the books.

See for yourself: