Jenelle Evans Slams Maci Bookout Over Gun Control: I'm Blocking You!

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It's been nearly two months since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2, and Jenelle Evans still seems hell-bent on following in her husband's footsteps.

Rather than just keeping her love for firearms on the down-low for a little while (which you'd think would be easy, as she showed zero interest in guns prior to marrying Eason), Evans is going all-in.

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First, she publicly announced that she had joined the NRA, apparently for the express purpose of pissing off her critics.

Shortly thereafter, she upped the ante by becoming the latest public figure to antagonize the Parkland school shooting survivors for having the gall to not want to get murdered.

Jenelle and David attacked Emma Gonzalez with a pair of bizarre memes that served to both mock the teen activist's appearance and spread dangerous false information about her alleged involvement in the shooting.

(Side note: Gonzalez was "involved" in the shooting only as a victim, and if you believe otherwise, please remove yourself from the internet for the good of mankind.)

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For obvious reasons, her comments weren't terribly well-received by fans.

When one fan commented that the post causes Evans to come off as extremely ignorant, Jenelle replied, "It's called sarcasm."

The exchange is interesting, not only because it demonstrates that Jenelle literally doesn't know the meaning of the word sarcasm, but also because it shows how deep in the tank she is with her fellow hard-line gun enthusiasts these days.

Jenelle insists that her intentions were purely comedic, but what seems much more likely given her previous comments on the issue is that her goal was to disparage Gonzalez in a way that would enable her to hide behind the "duh, satire!" defense when criticized.

One person who didn't fall for the routing was Jenelle's Teen Mom franchise colleague Maci Bookout.

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Maci didn't respond to Jenelle's post directly, but did tweet a link to an article about how dumb and dangerous those memes mocking the Parkland teens truly are.

It was a genius move, as Jenelle's facade immediately cracked and she inadvertently that revealed that this not a matter of pure comedy for her, but rather a propaganda campaign that she takes very seriously:

"I'm sorry Maci, I'm blocking you!" Jenelle commented. "This is ridiculous."

We'd say the score is Maci 1, Jenelle 0, but Evans has been at the bottom of the Teen Mom rankings for so long that everyone stopped keeping tabs years ago.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of the ways in which the Carolina Hurricane has only gotten more ridiculous with age.

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