Jenelle Evans: Keeping Job on Teen Mom 2 or Getting Fired? The Truth Revealed!

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For nearly a month now, Jenelle Evans' status as a Teen Mom has been up in the air.

After she posed for that ridiculous gun selfie shortly after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, and especially after her husband, David Eason, went on that terrible homophobic rant and got himself fired, no one was sure if MTV would be comfortable with employing her any longer.

It seemed like, at long last, they were finally drawing a line.

But apparently everything's cool now!

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle is going back to filming very, very soon.

And the details are just so, so special ...

1. Where to Start?

Where to Start?
There's been so much going on with Jenelle for the past month -- too much, really. And this time around, she's not just at risk for losing boyfriends or even more of what little respect a few Teen Mom fans here and there might have for her. She's been at risk for losing her whole entire job.

2. Ugh

You know this part by now: Jenelle posed for a photo with a gun, she and David shared the photo just a few hours after the school shooting in Parkland, and when people pointed out how insensitive that was, David mocked them.

3. What a Jackass

What a Jackass
A few days later, he was still debating gun issues with strangers on Twitter, and in the midst of one argument, he decided to sprinkle a little homophobia in there, just for a little extra awfulness. Then, when that got a reaction, he kept right on getting worse and worse with his hateful, ignorant comments.

4. A Defense?

A Defense?
Jenelle didn't say much about it all besides making a statement about how David didn't even really understand how Twitter works, and that he'd be keeping his dumb opinions to himself going forward, but obviously that wasn't the greatest excuse for what he said.

5. Justice

Somehow, despite Jenelle going to such great lengths to defend her man, sponsors began pulling ads from Teen Mom, and David was promptly fired.

6. Who's Next?

Who's Next?
But despite firing David, some sponsors continued pulling ads, and many people began speculating that firing David wasn't enough -- MTV should fire Jenelle, too.

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