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Kylie Jenner gave birth to sweet baby Stormi Webster and is even showing off a close-up photo of her pretty girl’s face. Awww!

Travis Scott is a proud and happy father, but there’s just one thing missing from this happy family: the sex life that brought Stormi into the world in the first place.

Apparently, the baby daddy is eager to "reunite" with Kylie … but he’s going to have to wait.

Travis Scott Red Carpet Pic
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According to HollywoodLife‘s source, Travis Scott can’t wait to bang Kylie Jenner again. You know, when it’s safe.

"Poor Travis is going totally crazy because she still doesn’t have the all clear from her doctor to have sex for another two weeks."

That green light usually — though not always — comes four to six weeks after childbirth (so, two weeks from early March would be exactly right).

This time is important because it gives the cervix time to close, it gives time for postpartum bleeding to stop (because the miracle of life is also a horror film), and it gives time for any lacerations and tears to hopefully heal themselves.

Just because Travis Scott knows all of this doesn’t mean that he’s not excited about the wait being over.

"Travis is counting down the days, it’s turned into a little private joke between them."

Joke or not, it seems that it’s no longer private.

Kylie Jenner, Pregnant, and Travis Scott
Photo via YouTube

If you’re thinking that Travis Scott is being selfish and just thinking with his … desires … apparently, Kylie is looking forward to rekindling their intimate life as well.

"Kylie’s definitely got her groove back too."

Kylie’s baby bump is gone, and she showed off a photo of her flat tummy to prove it.

Pretty impressive after only one month.

"She’s feeling incredibly sexy again and she’s really flaunting it."

Part of that is just maintaining her brand, of course.

But if Kylie’s ready to go at it again, then she and Travis are both in for a lot of fun … in another couple of weeks.

Travis Hugs Kylie
Photo via YouTube

Despite rumors that Travis Scott is cheating — and by "rumors," we mean claims made by Wendy Williams, the couple is reportedly in a very good place.

"Travis and Kylie are in a great place right now."

That’s so wonderful to hear.

"He’s been spending most nights with her and Stormi."

Awww! That is so sweet.

"They’re a very happy little family right now."

And to think that there was a time when people weren’t sure if they’d stay together even as long as the pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott... Together!
Photo via instagram

To be fair, though, Kylie got pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby … after they’d only been dating for a few weeks.

That is not, generally speaking, a recipe for a strong and healthy relationship.

Since this report speaks of Travis Scott being eager to bang his baby mama again, one might infer that he has a healthy sex drive.

A successful rapper in his twenties isn’t usually planning on becoming a monogamous parent so very suddenly.

But it looks like Travis has taken to this new situation like a duck to water.

He recently used his own Snapchat account (despite what Kylie tweeted, some folks still use Snapchat) to show off that he was helping Kylie with her makeup.

Though, if you’re looking for the inside scoop on what Kylie Cosmetics has in store, you might be disappointed.

Travis Scott Snapchat Makeup

Yeah, it’s in black and white. Which doesn’t give you a whole lot of information.

The point is, however, that just as Travis was there for Kylie at multiple doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds, he’s still a huge part of Kylie’s day-to-day life.

Obviously, he’s looking forward to once again being a big part of her night life.

That’s no surprise.

These are going to feel like a long two weeks for both of them.