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Nine months of secrecy. Nine months of hiding. Nine months of holding back a barrage of selfies and life updates over social media.

Now, the dam has burst.

Kylie Jenner gave birth!!

In an announcement over Twitter and Instagram, Kylie shared that she has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

She shared the news on her due date, Sunday, February 4, but actually gave birth on February 1.

In addition to that joyous news, Jenner apologized to fans for keeping this part of her life when they are accustomed to her sharing so much.

Kylie and her family then made up for lost time by revealing everything that fans had missed – and we mean everything!

Below, you can see the numerous photos that Kylie and her family shared, including the first glimpse of Kim’s daughter, Chicago West.

Are you ready to see the baby kick? Are you ready to see the ultrasound? Are you ready to learn the baby’s name? Take a look!