Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: Already Fighting Over Baby Plans?!

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We're still more than two months away from the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but it seems the royal couple is already experiencing a spot of premarital strife.

Or perhaps Meghan's shady relatives are just peddling nonsense to the tabloid media again.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: In Love!

The Australian tabloid New Idea published an interview with Meghan's former sister-in-law Erin Sprecht today, and the piece mostly confirmed what we already know:

Meghan is awesome; everybody loves Meghan; the Royals are "lucky to have Meghan," etc.

But it also contained at least one big surprise:

According to Sprecht, Meghan is hoping to have a baby ASAP, while Harry would like to be married for a while before starting a family.

"Having a family is going to be a priority for her in their first year of marriage," Sprecht says.

Meghan Markle with a Smile

The insider adds that Meghan wants several kids, and at 36 years old, she's not keen on the idea of waiting around.

"Being a mum is something which she really wants and she has all the perfect qualities. Patience, kindness and a wonderful nature. And she is just great with kids already," Sprecht tells the outlet.

Well, we think we spotted a hole in this story.

Meghan's family is American, and thus, unlikely to use the word "mum" in conversation.

Busted, Australian tabloid we never heard of until today!

Meghan with Harry

We kid, of course.

We have no doubt that New Idea really did speak to Meghan's sister-in-law, as Meghan's family members have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to talk with just about any media outlet on the planet.

It's just a matter of whether or not we actually believe them.

Sprecht says that during her failed marriage to Trevor Engelson, Meghan rarely spoke of having children, but it wasn't out of a lack of desire to become a mum:

"He just wasn’t the right man for her – when you know you know," Erin says. "And then being a mum was not something she talked about really when they were together."

Meghan Markle with Her Prince

"She said she wanted a family, but never in the way she wanted it now. I think she knew it wasn’t right at that time, which is why she concentrated on work," Sprecht adds.

"Now she is with the right person. She really wants a family and Harry is perfect for her."

We're sure in the end Harry and Meghan will work out a mutually agreeable compromise in terms of a baby timetable - and Sprecht says that whenever the time comes, Meg will most assuredly be up to the challenge.

"They are going to be great parents together," Erin says.

You know you're doing alright when even the people from your past who are dishing to random gossip outlets only have nice things to say about you.

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