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You don’t mess with Lisa Vanderpump, and Dorit Kemsley learned that the hard way on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 12

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will know that the pair have been at odds for weeks now, and that’s down to Dorit running her mouth at every turn. 

Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp and Kyle Richards Have Drinks
Photo via Bravo

When the episode got underway, Camille Grammer and Lisa Rinna were showing off their smoking bodies, and complaining about how they are not fans of the way they look. 

In Camille’s defense, she’s been through a lot the past few years. She did have Stage 2 cancer, but it seems she is in remission now, and we are so thankful she can stick around to throw zingers at the other housewives. 

While that was going down, Kyle and Erika went out for some lunch and debriefed with each other about Lisa V going to war with both Kyle and Dorit. 

Kyle seemed happy that she made things right with Lisa, but it sure sounded like she was still mad at Dorit. Dorit has been causing nothing but trouble during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8. 

L to the VP
Photo via Bravo

She’s battled with just about every cast member, but Lisa V was determined to put the past behind her, and it was about time. 

Camille threw a big event for the Foundation for Women’s cancer, and all the women were on board to support her, but Dorit had an ulterior motive at the event. 

“The only thing I care about is repairing my relationship with Lisa Vanderpump,” she said to the audience as though butter wouldn’t melt. 

That’s when things got awkward. Lisa seemed to want to just move past all of the drama, but when Dorit is practically hanging off her ankle like a puppy wanting attention, it gets tedious. 

The event went well, but Dorit persisted in her quest to get Lisa back on her side, and it resulted in Lisa leaving after being chased by Dorit. 

Lisa Vanderpump at People's Choice Awards
Photo via Harper’s Bazaar/Instagram

They chatted on the couch, and it looked like Dorit was holding her against her will. All Dorit wanted was assurance that the past was indeed behind them. 

That irked Lisa because of all the crap Dorit had caused. All it would have taken is an apology, but Dorit does not have the word "sorry" in her vocabulary for some reason. 

Lisa admitted that Dorit calling her needy “wasn’t exactly a f—ing compliment.” Lisa made her getaway, but Dorit was not done and continued to follow her. 

The final big event of the episode focused on Lisa’s birthday lunch, and she was still pissed about the way Dorit had acted earlier. 

Teddi Jo Mellencamp Loves to Sweat
Photo via Instagram

Teddi was first to arrive, and Lisa opened up to her about how much she was mad. She then said that she was going to serve Dorit champagne in a tumbler if she asked for a drink. 

In case you missed it: Dorit and Teddi only hate each other because Teddi served her wine in a champagne flute. Yes, that’s how twisted Dorit can be. 

Surprisingly, Dorit was served her drink in an ugly green tumbler, and she was not impressed. 

Camille also got some revenge on Dorit by giving her a pink ball gag, presumably to shut her mouth for a few minutes. 

Camille Grammer is Angry
Photo via Getty

Dorit decided she was not going to the after party at Pump and departed with a look of thunder on her face. 

We have one word for you, Dorit: Karma!

“Well, yes Dorit, I’m going to have a dig at you. I’ll say it with humor, I’ll couple it with jest — but I’m sending the message that this relationship has taken on a slightly different meaning,” said Lisa in a confessional. 

The final scene found Lisa reshooting the photos for the jewelry line Dorit modeled for because Dorit did not like them. Yes, Lisa Vanderpump is back, and Dorit had better watch out. 

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesdays on Bravo.