Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Go OFF on Each Other on Twitter!

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have never quite gotten along.

Even when they were engaged to be married, they fought constantly and did everything they could to tear each other down.

These days, the Jenelle and Nathan are locked in a custody battle over son Kaiser, and their vitriol has gotten more intense than ever.

Over the weekend, they basically engaged in a roast battle on Twitter ... and fans had a front row seat for the action

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
There was a time when Jenelle and Nathan at least pretended to get along. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

2. United By Kaiser

United By Kaiser
Both parties clearly want what's best for their son, Kaiser. However, they often disagree about what that means.

3. Tough Times For Little Kai

Tough Times For Little Kai
Kaiser is reportedly enduring some health issues these days. Unfortunately, rather than coming together to figure out what's best for the boy, Jenelle and Nathan are publicly feuding about how best to handle the situation.

4. Nathan Sounds...Sane?!

Nathan Sounds...Sane?!
We hate to take sides, but in the first of many screen shots from the feud, Nathan actually comes off as a decent human being who's prioritizing his son's needs over the pettiness of his ongoing feud with Jenelle.

5. "Stay Positive"

"Stay Positive"
"Just know we all go through ups and downs in our relationships," Nathan tells Jenelle, clearly referring to recent rumors that the couple is headed for divorce.

6. "Being In the Public Eye..."

"Being In the Public Eye..."
Nathan is obviously sympathetic about the fact that Jenelle and David's rough patch is playing out on a public stage. But Jenelle has zero interest in her ex's sympathy...

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