Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Go OFF on Each Other on Twitter!

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have never quite gotten along.

Even when they were engaged to be married, they fought constantly and did everything they could to tear each other down.

These days, the Jenelle and Nathan are locked in a custody battle over son Kaiser, and their vitriol has gotten more intense than ever.

Over the weekend, they basically engaged in a roast battle on Twitter ... and fans had a front row seat for the action

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
There was a time when Jenelle and Nathan at least pretended to get along. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

2. United By Kaiser

United By Kaiser
Both parties clearly want what's best for their son, Kaiser. However, they often disagree about what that means.

3. Tough Times For Little Kai

Tough Times For Little Kai
Kaiser is reportedly enduring some health issues these days. Unfortunately, rather than coming together to figure out what's best for the boy, Jenelle and Nathan are publicly feuding about how best to handle the situation.

4. Nathan Sounds...Sane?!

Nathan Sounds...Sane?!
We hate to take sides, but in the first of many screen shots from the feud, Nathan actually comes off as a decent human being who's prioritizing his son's needs over the pettiness of his ongoing feud with Jenelle.

5. "Stay Positive"

"Stay Positive"
"Just know we all go through ups and downs in our relationships," Nathan tells Jenelle, clearly referring to recent rumors that the couple is headed for divorce.

6. "Being In the Public Eye..."

"Being In the Public Eye..."
Nathan is obviously sympathetic about the fact that Jenelle and David's rough patch is playing out on a public stage. But Jenelle has zero interest in her ex's sympathy...

7. Playing Dumb

Playing Dumb
David changed his relationship status on Facebook before deleting his account entirely. It was a major red flag, but Jenelle is treateing it like much ado about nothing.

8. "We r fine"

"We r fine"
Jenelle dismisses Nathan's worries by claiming (falsely) that neither she nor David changed their relationship status. Later, she uses his expression of concern against him.

9. David ... What a Guy

David ... What a Guy
At that point, the gentlemanly Mr. Eason decided to get involved, and as he so often does, he confirmed that his harshest critics are completely justified in their assertion that David is the absolute worst.

10. Nathan Plays It Cool

Nathan Plays It Cool
In the face of a bizarrely irate attack (which, of course, sparked a new round of drug rumors about Jenelle and David), Nathan remained calm and informed David that there is no need for the two of them to interact.

11. No Legal Scholar...

No Legal Scholar...
Nathan passed a portion of the conversation onto Jenelle. He's not totally correct in his assertion that cease and desist orders "work both ways," but we think we know what he was trying to say...

12. Jenelle Is Angry

Jenelle Is Angry
Jenelle spends her life in a constant state of seething rage, but she got even more irrationally pissed than usual in her interactions with Nathan...

13. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
Nathan reached out to Jenelle on Twitter after apparently having his number blocked by both her and David. Needless to say, it didn't go well...

14. To Be Fair...

To Be Fair...
Nathan should probably know whether or not his son has health insurance, and the tweet may have been motivated by a desire to make Jenelle look bad. Whatever the case, her response was characteristically absurd...

15. Setting the Record Straight?

Setting the Record Straight?
Jenelle cleared the air and informed fans that Kaiser was never actually hospitalized. She also indicated that Nathan was flirting with her in her original text because she's eleven kinds of shady and forgets that we know how to read.

16. "All For Attention"

"All For Attention"
Jenelle is of the opinion that Nathan pretended that Kaiser was sick simply because he was desperate for attention. However, that doesn't seem to be the case...

17. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Nathan's girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, posted this photo of what she says is a very sick young boy and his dad.

18. Poor Sick Baby

Poor Sick Baby
"Poor sick baby. Loves daddy rubbing is back," Lanhardt captioned the photo. Is she telling the truth? Or is Jenelle? Whatever the case, at least one thing is clear...

19. These Two Need to Sort Out Their Differences

These Two Need to Sort Out Their Differences
As is usually the case, it appears that Jenelle is in the wrong here. In all likelihood, Nathan will come out on top when the two of them face off in court for custody. Regardless, if Nathan cares about his son as much he caims to, he'll figure out a way to reach an understanding with Jenelle, so that poor Kaiser isn't forced to grow up without a mom.

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