Kourtney Kardashian to Sofia Richie: Stay Away from My Kids, Skank!

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It sounds like Sofia Richie is getting on Kourtney's last nerve.

First, Sofia stole Kourtney's look. Now, it looks like she's trying to replace her by "playing stepmom" with Scott.

A report says that Kourtney has personally contacted Sofia to tell her to back off and keep away from her children.

Kourtney Kardashian Speaks on KUWTK

HollywoodLife reports that, as a source has divulged to them, Kourtney has warned Sofia away from her kids.

"Kourtney worries that Sofia is not a good role model for her children."

Children might be naturally drawn to admire a gorgeous 19-year-old model who happens to be dating their father, but Kourtney doesn't feel that it's appropriate.

What's more, it sounds like Scott has been ignoring her on this issue ... which has reportedly led Kourtney to reach out to Sofia directly.

"And because Scott refuses to listen to Kourtney‘s requests [about keeping her away from the kids], Kourt has reached out to Sofia personally and told her to back off from spending so much time with them."

That had to sound hurtful.

Sofia Richie Lounges in Her Uggs

The mother of three apparently believes that she has good reason for keeping her kids away from Sofia whenever possible.

For one thing, she's worried that they'll get their hearts broken.

"Kourtney does not believe Sofia and Scott will stay together long-term and so she asked Sofia to respectfully back off from spending so much time with her children."

Children are adaptable, but they can grow attached ... and then take things very personally when their parent breaks up with a new partner.

Kind of like how dogs panic when you go out to dinner and leave them at home for a couple of hours, because they're just beginning to grasp time.

"Kourtney does not like the influence Sofia has over the kids and she does not want the kids getting attached to someone that Kourtney feels will not be around or a part of their lives for very long."

But apparently, Kourt also has some more personal issues with Sofia.

Kourtney with Kids

It seems that a big issue is that Kourtney perceives Sofia, who is 19 years old, as being immature.

"Kourtney is furious that Sofia is playing stepmom with Scott and the kids."

Oh! One can imagine how Kourtney wouldn't take ,kindly to that.

"Kourtney finds it super inappropriate that someone as young and immature as Sofia, is spending so much time with her children the way that she does with Scott."

Sometimes, your kids get a step-parent. But this is her ex's girlfriend, and she's a teenager. It's a little different.

Sofia Richie in 2018

"It infuriates Kourtney who works hard teaching her kids healthy habits and Kourtney fears her kids will learn harmful ways from Sofia."

We're not super sure what about Sofia is harmful. Except that she has been spotted allegedly smoking cigarettes ... a very unhealthy habit that is thankfully dying off.

That's not something that you want to see your children emulate.

"It has been a struggle over the years for Kourtney to be comfortable enough leaving Scott alone with the kids, but sending them off with Sofia too, [whom] she doesn’t trust at all, creates lots of stress and anxiety for Kourtney."

It's natural for a mother to worry about the welfare of her precious children.

"Kourtney has been adamant that it is not OK for Scott, to be dating a Sofia, a teenager who is 15 years younger than he is, much less let her be around their young, impressionable children."

Younes Bendjima with Kourt

Some might accuse Kourtney of hypocrisy.

Her boyfriend Younes spends plenty of time around her, is also young, and has even gone so far as to throw shade at Scott Disick. (Most people have, at some point or another)

Scott probably figures that what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

But there are some major differences. For starters, Kourtney started dating Younes -- she didn't bang a bunch of other young, hot models as if she were trying on shoes before settling on him.

Also, Younes may be young, but he's not a teenager.

Finally, Kourtney is very careful about setting boundaries for her family, and she's always made it clear that her children come first.

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