Javi Marroquin: Here's Why I Chose Lauren Comeau Over Kailyn Lowry

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Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 fans were stunned by news that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are back together.

There were several reasons that the announcement was met with such shock, not the least of which was that Lauren and Javi dated very briefly last summer and then seemed to fall out of contact with one another completely.

Javi & Lauren: Instagram Official

But perhaps the biggest reason fans felt so blindsided was the fact that just days before Javi and Lauren made their reconciliation official, it was widely rumored that Marroquin hoped to get back together with Kailyn Lowry.

Granted, such rumors are often baseless, but now we have confirmation from Javi himself that he was working toward rebuilding his relationship with Kail in the weeks before he got back with Lauren.

So what made him chose one ex over another?

Well, according to Javi, Kail was just unable to give him what he needed.

"I need love affection," Javi told Radar Online in a blunt new interview.

Javi on Marriage Boot Camp

"Kail isn't like that. I think we both knew it just wouldn't work. I would get frustrated because I need more of a sure thing, and she just couldn't give me that at the time."

We're not sure how a woman who lives in a different state and whom you already dated for a few months and broke up with is "more of a sure thing" than the mother of your child, but we digress.

To his credit, Javi admits that he could have been more sensitive with regard to how news of his new relationship was shared with Kailyn.

"She was blindsided, which is my fault," he tells Radar.

Kail & Javi on Marriage Boot Camp

"I kind of continued to do my own thing and didn't wait for her to show me assurance. I definitely could have done things differently," he concedes.

We're assuming "continued to do my own thing" is code for "I banged another woman behind her back," but we'll allow partial credit for at least of sort of admitting to extreme shadiness.

"I definitely could have done things differently," he added.

Yes, and from the sound of the situation, he could still be doing things differently.

Earlier today, we learned that Marroquin took his son on a vacation with Comeau without asking permission from Kailyn first.

Not cool, Javi.

Lauren Comeau on Instagram

Asked for a final thought on his relationship with Comeau, Javi remarked:

"I'm staying private with her. We're taking in the moment."

Again, we have to take issue.

What Javi should've said was "I'm trying to stay private with her and doing a horrendously bad job of it."

We hate to nit-pick, but we had to point that one out.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Javi's questionable decision-making.

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