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Sometimes it feels so strange to talk about Chelsea Houska, you know?

Strange, but also very, very refreshing.

Chelsea Houska in Sunglasses

It’s just that there’s always a ton of Teen Mom gossip to get into, but it’s usually stuff like Ryan Edwards’ arrest, Jenelle Evans’ moronic NRA statements, or truly upsetting updates on Catelynn Lowell’s mental health.

It’s rare to have a piece of purely good news when it comes to this crew, but whenever that little unicorn of a Teen Mom story comes by, it usually has to do with Chelsea.

Even though she shares her oldest child, Aubree, with Adam Lind, who is probably the worst person ever featured on any Teen Mom anything, she’s been doing well for herself for the past few years.

She got married to Cole DeBoer, who is impossibly handsome and also an amazing father figure for Aubree.

In January of last year, they welcomed adorable little Watson to the family, and everyone was thrilled to have him.

Chelsea and Cole Picture

Chelsea and her family just seem genuinely happy in a way that none of the other people on the show do — even when other cast members have good moments, they’re usually overshadowed by some kind of sadness.

That’s probably part of the reason why it was so extra, extra precious when she revealed earlier this month that she and Cole are adding to their family once again!

After several months of talking about baby fever and wanting a house full of babies, Chelsea revealed that she’s actually pregnant.

She even let us know that she’s having a baby girl!

She shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram to share the good news, writing "….GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!"

Chels Bump

Shortly after dropping the news, she shared a photo of her baby bump, which was pretty tiny, as she’s not that far along.

We don’t know an exact due date yet, but it sounds like it’s sometime in September — she did say that she’d probably give birth in August, since her babies tend to come out a little early.

At the time of her announcement, she also said that she was "about 4 months" along.

Pregnancies are funny things though, because it’s just been a little over two weeks since we heard the good news, right?

And yesterday, Chelsea was sweet enough to share another shot of her bump — that baby girl is growing fast!

Chelsea Houska Bump

"Oh hey little baby girl," she captioned the photo — she also explained that her goofy headband wasn’t a new fashion statement, just something she wears while she’s doing her makeup.

So not only do we get to see the bump, we also get to see the extraordinarily rare sight of Chelsea Houska with minimal makeup!

Oh, what a glorious day!

And, of course, Chelsea’s fans strongly agree.

"Your belly is so cute!" one person wrote. "Congrats to you and your growing family!"

Another follower told her "So Happy for all 3 1/2 of you! Chelsea, thank you for sharing!"

Then, proving that some of her fans love her beyond all reason, someone actually commented "You could legit rock that headband out in public!!! Congrats on #3!"

We don’t know about the headband thing, but with everything else, we strongly agree.

Congrats again, DeBoers!