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Not all that long ago Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler were the best of friends.

The relationship was irreparably damaged, however, when Aniston learned that Handler was sharing secrets about her personal life, and the former besties reportedly haven’t spoken since.

Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler
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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Aniston has separated from Justin Theroux after two and a half years of marriage.

While most of the world is eagerly awaiting the announcement that Jennifer is back together with Brad Pitt, Chelsea is apparently fixated on figuring out just what caused Aniston’s split from Theroux.

Apparently, Handler is of the opinion that Jen and Justin were all wrong for each other from the start.

She’s convinced that her former friend made a damaging decision when she decided to change herself in order to conform to Justin’s vision of the ideal woman.

Now that the marriage has come to an end, Handler is apparently getting her gloat on a big way:

Chelsea Handler is Funny
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“Chelsea didn’t think much of Justin, but she said from the get-go that Jen would need to readjust her expectations and treatment of him if they were to stand a chance,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“But Chelsea’s feeling pretty smug and ‘I told you so’ about it now, to the point where she feels she’s owed an apology.”

This is a far cry from Chelsea’s attitude after Jen split with Pitt.

At the time, the sharp-tongued comic repeatedly tore into Angelina Jolie, alleging that she "stole" Pitt away from Aniston.

(That stance doesn’t really jibe with Handler’s feminist persona, but that’s a discussion for another time,)

Jennifer Aniston in a Dress
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In the years, since she and Jen’s falling out, Handler has had a change of heart on that issue, declaring that she now believed the dissolution of Jen’s first marriage was also Aniston’s fault.

(Surely Brad is at least partially to blame for ditching his wife, right Chelsea? Sorry, we digress.)

Anyway, it sounds like Chelsea is one of those people who goes full scorched earth when she stops being friends with someone, and she’s taking thorough advantage of Jen’s vulnerable state.

That’s a disturbing mindset in, say, a queen bee-type sorority girl.

It’s downright terrifying in a 43-year-old millionaire.