Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Split, and Twitter Has Some Feelings

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Where were you when you heard the news that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's marriage was over?

It's a pretty simple question, since the news just came out yesterday, but still, it was an important moment in celebrity gossip history and we need to remember it.

If it was just the news of the breakup all by itself, it might not be as big a deal as it is, but since Brad Pitt is single now, too ...

Well, we're all very, very interested to see how this whole thing plays out.


The word "shook" is very popular right now, but is there any other way to describe the feelings we're feeling right now? Probably, but "shook" is still pretty good!

2. One Divorce Away ...

One Divorce Away ...
This may be true, but come on, let's not compare Jennifer Aniston to Ross like this. That's a low blow -- Ross was garbage.

3. Speaking of Ross ...

Speaking of Ross ...
Yeah, this isn't really related to the breakup, but it's still a really good idea.

4. "Shoot My Shot"

"Shoot My Shot"
We expect Jennifer Aniston is going to be receiving a whole lot of calls this weekend. And texts. And emails. And direct messages to social media accounts that people think belong to her.

5. A Solid Theory

A Solid Theory
Jen, please, for all our sakes, work on this. We deserve it.

6. The Dream

The Dream
Another theory: she was happy being married to Justin, and now she's happy being single again, and whenever she finds another super hot guy to be with, she'll be happy then, too.

7. Those Cursed Doritos!

Those Cursed Doritos!
If only the company would make some quiet, inoffensive snacks for women, Jennifer and Justin might still be together!

8. A Different Take

A Different Take
This is also possible! Follow your heart, Jen!

9. How Rude

How Rude

10. And There It Is

And There It Is
No, Erik, you're not the only one thinking about the possibility of a reunion between Jennifer and Brad Pitt. Literally every other person who has heard this news had that thought immediately. Sorry, bud.

11. Barf

People actually think she would be the one to reach out to him first? As if.

12. Easy Now

Easy Now
We just imagined them chatting, and now we're already imagining their second wedding?! It's all going by so fast!

13. YES

Even if they don't get back together, this still needs to happen. At the very least, it can be some fan fiction.

14. So Original

So Original
Let us have this moment, John.

15. ... Huh?

... Huh?
Is this ... can this be right? It doesn't sound right.

16. A Wild Concept

A Wild Concept
This is true and all, obviously, but ... come on. If gossiping about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston makes people happy, then that's OK.

17. Fair

It is weird, but again, it's just lighthearted gossip. No one is seriously suggesting they get back together ...

18. LOL

And if anyone DOES want them to get back together, here's a good explanation for why that will never happen.

19. Calm Down, Twitter

Calm Down, Twitter
One more time: LET US HAVE THIS.

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