Jennifer Aniston: I Couldn't Care Less About Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie!

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From the moment we learned that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, the question on the minds of millions of fans was:

What does Jennifer Aniston think of all this?

Sure, Brad and Jen went their separate ways more than a decade ago, but given the ugly nature of their split, it was impossible not to wonder if the actress and newlywed took some pleasure in watching Pitt getting karmically kicked to the curb in brutal fashion.

Jennifer Aniston Storks Premiere 2016

There were even rumors that the relationship ended because Brad cheated with Marion Cotillard on the set of his new movie, which added a layer of schadenfreude for Jen, as Pitt first hooked up with Jolie on a movie set while he was still married to Aniston.

Those rumors were later debunked, but Jen is still loving all this negative tabloid coverage, right?

She's gotta be nursing a little bit of a grudge, don't you think?

Jen's every bit as petty as we are, isn't she?

Jennifer Aniston at Premiere

Sadly, it seems Mrs. Aniston-Theroux may be better than the rest of us in just about every single way, as apparently she chooses not to waste her time praying for the public downfall of those who have wronged her.

We didn't even know that was an option!

Anyway, part of the reason people thought that Jen loving her ex's personal hell was because Jen's bestie, Chelsea Handler, went off on Jolie in a takedown that Handler probably thought was hilarious.

(Does Chelsea Handler even think Chelsea Handler is funny? That's like a Zen koan for the ages.)

Chelsea Handler Mocks Kim

So yeah, Chelsea did what she does by showing up and making everything way worse.

"It's so stupid and pathetic," the comedian recently said when asked about Aniston.

"As if Jen cares - she doesn't care."

Always a fan of hammering her point into your soul with a sledgehammer, Handler added:

Chelsea Handler Red Carpet Pic

"Hello! As if she [Jennifer] is sitting around even caring about this."

She was then heard to remark:

"What sort of lame-ass, coattail-riding loser sits around obsessing over someone else's divorce!

"Hey, you guys want to hear my tight five about how only douche bags adopt kids from other countries? I close with a bit about how much I hate the movie Unbroken!"

Maybe we made that last part up.


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