Amy Roloff Sings Praises of Future Daughter-in-Law Isabel Rock

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It wasn't so long ago when Jacob Roloff had a feud with is parents. That's not uncommon, though Little People, Big World fans are torn over how to feel about him.

Now, however, the family's mended fences and is celebrating his engagement to long-time girlfriend Isabel Rock.

In fact, his mother Amy Roloff can't stop singing Isabel's praises on social media.

Amy Roloff and Isabel Rock

This photo of Amy with Isabel is just so cute.

Amy's captions match the cheer and excitement of the photo itself:

"I love this girl that Jacob asked to marry him."

That's so sweet.

"We have a great time hanging out and talking."

So she's praising her future daughter-in-law ... and then she plugs Isabel's art.

"Excited to go to her art event at Abbey Creek Winery in North Plains tomorrow. So proud of her!"

This isn't the first time that Amy has used her platform to express her pride in Isabel's work.

Jacob Roloff, Isabel Rock, Amy Roloff

Amy was promoting Isabel's gallery showings last December, even before Jacob proposed.

The Little People, Big World matriarch's captions continue:

"I’m a blessed mom - All my DIL’s are awesome, doing good things in life and they inspire me too."

DIL is of course an abbreviation for daughter-in-law. She didn't need the apostrophe to make it plural but we all understand what she was writing.

Finally, Amy concludes:

"You Rock Isabel."

Do you see what she did there?

Isabel Rock and Amy Roloff

Amy was one of the various Roloff ladies who showered Isabel with love on her birthday.

Isabel is actually a little older than Jacob -- by just about a year.

She and Jacob became friends during high school, which is probably one reason for which the Roloffs have had plenty of time to know and love her as they do.

After Isabel finished high school, she and Jacob spent more and more time together -- and their romance blossomed.

And finally, on a trip to Iceland, Jacob took the next step and invited Isabel to become a part of his family.

Audrey Roloff, Tori Roloff, Isabel Rock, Amy Roloff

Last month, Isabel shared all of the details of Jacob's proposal.

For one thing, she'd had a feeling that he was preparing to pop the question, so she'd already written down on a card about how excited she was to be his fiancee.

She stowed the card on her person and waited to see if he proposed.

The two of them had a wonderful time in Iceland, and they split up to do their shopping separately before a planned gift-swap.

When they exchanged gifts, Jacob showed her a ring -- a beautiful ring, one that she'd pointed out earlier, but it was not an engagement ring.

It was a fake-out, because Jacob then presented her with her actual engagement ring. After she said yes, she got to shock him with her card.

Jacob Roloff and Amy Roloff and ... Bread?

Jacob has been reconciling with his family after their past falling out.

Some believe that Isabel's careful and diplomatic meddling may have ended the feud between Jacob and Audrey.

Jacob is an outspoken agnostic -- part of his past issues with his parents was his unhappiness at having grown up with no choice in terms of religion. Audrey is a devout Christian. It's no surprise to hear that they clashed.

But Isabel just seems to be rubbing everyone the right way, especially Amy, who's seemed especially close with her youngest son.

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