Sister Wives: Is the Show as Dead as Kody Brown's Marriages?!

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Things aren't looking so good for the Sister Wives crew ...

Or, well, they haven't been looking good pretty much since the first moment we were introduced to them, now that we think about it.

Sister Wives Take a Selfie

When you stop and consider their default circumstances, perhaps it would be more accurate to just say that things are looking worse.

Way, way worse. It's bad out there, people.

We've been hearing for months and months now, maybe even years, that the four wives of Kody Brown are feeling unsettled.

Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown are unhappy with him and with their situation, for myriad reasons that are obvious.

Combine that with all the cancelation rumors that had been going around about the show before the trailer for the new season dropped.

There's a lot of stress is what we're saying.

'Sister Wives' Stars Celebrate Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas' 25th Anniversary

It's clear that things aren't well in the Brown household(s), where the sheer number of people and emotions involve are sky high.

It's all just too much for one family. Even one family that's sort of branched out into four different families, because polygamy.

And now, according to a sad new report, circumstances are about to get considerably worse for the long-running TLC crew.

As the Sister Wives insider explains, ratings were down last season, and TLC was "less than impressed" by the recent data.

The amount of viewers they're pulling in? Not stellar.

Kody Brown Listens

So this time around, for the current season, "Kody Brown told them he'd be willing to have the network slash his family's pay."

By how much? "From $180,000 for each adult to $180,000 total," the source says, "if it meant they could make season 12."

If that sounds like a huge drop in income, it is, but Kody "put everything on the line to convince them it could still work."

It seems like there could be a little bit of negotiation somewhere in there, right? Because that barely seems worth it.

There are five Brown adults; If Kody did offer that pay cut, that's $720,000 less that the adults are making this season.

Kody Brown and His Better Halves

But then again, maybe it was smart for Brown to get as much money as he could ... as opposed to getting axed altogether.

For a show that's been doing so poorly that it's been on the brink of cancelation for over a year, maybe this is just the market value.

"Three years ago," the source says, "the show could command 2.5 million viewers, but now fans are leaving the show in droves."

"TLC has broken the news to Kody that it plans to cancel Sister Wives after the current season because ratings have been so tepid."

"Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye."

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic

And it's not just his reality TV career that's failing.

Another source claims that his "spiritual marriages" are also close to being canceled ... if you know what we're saying.

We're saying three out of four wives are pissed.

"His only real connection seems to be with Robyn now," says the source, while "the other wives have all but given up."

"They mostly see him as an ex-husband who turns up to help with the children," the family insider adds of the patriarch.

It turns out that this issues are sort of tied together.

Sister Wives Image

In the beginning, Sister Wives viewers were intrigued by what seemed to be happy family living an unconventional, polygamist lifestyle.

But now, that dichotomy is coming back to hurt them: "TLC has discovered you can only pretend things are all rosy for so long."

"Fans now realize the Browns are anything but."

The plan going forward, the insider says, is to transition the show or develop a new show focusing on the Brown children.

Sort of like how 19 Kids and Counting morphed into Counting On and kept the Duggars on air amid scandal and waning popularity.

We've already seen signs that the family is promoting the "next generation" both on TV and social media. Perhaps it's by design.

If this were to happen, then Mariah, the only child of Kody and Meri, would be heavily featured, sources close to the family say.

Mariah is "a favorite with fans because of her maturity."

Of course, that's awkward for its own set of reasons:

"Meri would make the occasional appearance on the show, there are no plans to feature Kody ... for him, things are very much over."

At the end of the day, our biggest question is this:

Is anyone else disappointed that since the show would be canceled, we won't be able to see episodes featuring the drama caused by the cancelation?

That would ironically be the way to boost ratings.

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