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A new season of everyone’s favorite polygamous family unintentional comedy-drama, Sister Wives, kicks off November 27 on TLC.

But with the advent of this  bombshell, it must now be asked:

Will this also be the final season of Sister Wives on TLC?!?

Sister Wives Cover
Photo via Life & Style

For several weeks now, there’s been talk of tension.

Things have not been going well between Kody Brown and his better halves, with a recent report even alleging that Meri Brown was getting married.

To another man not named Kody, that is. Brutal.

Back in February of last year, you may remember, Meri got divorced from Kody so that he could marry Robyn, meaning Meri is legally single.

And venerable celebrity gossip website Radar Online now claims that she’s been mingling with some dude in Hawaii. Wow.

Sister Wives Season 7 Trailer: So. Much. Drama!

"Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half," a source close to situation claims, adding that quite simply, "She’s done."

This same source alleges that Meri wants to have a "low-key beach" wedding with her mystery man in Hawaii.

Will this actually take place? We can’t say one way or the other.

But the first official Sister Wives trailer for new episodes teases a great deal of drama ahead, particularly between Kody and Meri.

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, however, Kody may need to refocus his energy on each one of his Sister Wives.

None of whom appear to be very happy with him these days.

Meri Brown on Catfish Relationship: I Never Crossed a Line!

The headline of the cover story featured above says that Kody is BROKE, SICK and that he’s been KICKED OUT by his quartet of reality show co-stars.

While the Meri Brown catfish saga was undeniably real, is the family patriarch really having a "heart attack," as the cover seems to state?

Is Robyn really getting her own show?

Is any of this drama actually real… or it just a promotional push by producers to make people tune in this winter?

It makes you wonder …

Sister Wives LIES!

It’s worth mentioning that Life & Style in particular has been pushing these scandalous Sister Wives stories for months now.

Just consider the VIOLENCE, CHEATING and LIES that it alleged awhile back … possibly a little bit over the top, right?

Or, when all four wives walked out on Kody on other time, supposedly … which didn’t end up actually happening, to our knowledge.

But even if they planned on it, that was okay because Kody was simultaneously in the market for two new wives anyway:

Kody Brown Cover
Photo via Life & Style

Oh, and the Kode-Man wants to divorce Robyn as part of his grand plan to start a new brood, as this version shockingly alleged:

Sister Wives Divorce Cover
Photo via Life & Style

We’re a little dubious over these claims.

When we watch Sister Wives online or on TV this season, will we see Kody and his wives fighting all the time and threatening to leave each other?


But should we actually believe these storylines are legit? Or have they been contrived by writers to garner ratings and attention?

It’s the same question we often ask of many a reality show family, isn’t it? Think about it. That’s all we ask. Ponder it and tell us:

On which side do you fall?