Mechie on Blac Chyna Sex Tape: Okay, So THIS is What Happened...

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Are you ready to get to know the man behind the penis?

In an interview with The Shade Room late this week, random rapper Mechie talks about his relationship with Blac Chyna - and, specifically, how he ended up holding a camera while the reality star performed oral sex on him.

Blac Chyna and Mechie

"Basically, we were at the club and she's like we need to link up so we did and then that's what lead to the video happening," Mechie says simply.

He makes it sound like this is routine:

You meet someone out. You go home with this person. You grab her cellphone and record a BJ.

While we can't vouch for the validity of the way Mechie describes meeting Chyna and arranging their sex tape, there's no debate over whether or not a sex tape exists between the pair.

The footage lasts for about a minute and 23 seconds and it features Chyna lying on her back in bed, her partner's genitalia going in and out of her mouth.

A bit of dirty talk is also exchanged.

This is what folks on the Internet had to say about the leaked video:

A day after the footage went viral, a rep for Mechie confirmed that the artist is the one holding the camera.

However, this same rep denied talk that Mechie is responsible for releasing the video the public, claiming he used Chyna's cellphone to record it and that she has always had the only copy.

(Chyna, meanwhile, also denies the leak, prompting us to believe that someone is lying.)

Mechie dated Chyna for a few weeks in the summer of 2016.

There are photos of the stars kissing on social media (above and below)... and it was actually a video Chyna sent to ex-fiance Rob Kardashian of her and Mechie in bed that led to him firing off a bunch of revenge porn-type messages.

"She left Rob the year before we met back in December," Mechie explained to The Shade Room, adding:

"She was not with Rob when we linked up. She had the baby and had already moved out and dipped off from him."

Mechie Kisses Blac Chyna

Mechie says here that Rob is a "nice guy" and that his fling with Chyna ended last August.

"To be completely honest, it just got to a point where the so called hype and fame of the relationship was starting to get out of hands and overshadow what I had going on with my music and my brand," he says.

"It was getting in the way of what I had going on."

It remains unclear just what Mechie has going on outside of lewd photos and videos with Chyna, but whatever.

In conclusion, he has the following to say about his time in and around Chyna:

Blac Chyna Stares

It helped me get more fans and followers around the world but it also hurt me because it tied me to her brand and a lot of people didn't want to deal with a messy situation and she's got a messy situation.

I have my own label and I lost investors and sponsorship deals because I was tied to her. You gain and lose.

Chyna has said she plans to file a police report in order to determine who released this sex tape.

She is willing to cooperate fully with the authorities. 

We'll soon see if Mechie is willing to do the same.

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