Blac Chyna Sex Tape Partner: Identified... and Angry!

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In the Blac Chyna sex tape that made its way around the Internet on Monday, this controversial reality star is on her back, performing a blow job.

But the man to whom she is providing this pleasureful act has now made his identity known, and his reaction to the leaked footage may come as a surprise to some readers.

He says it blows!

Blac Chyna Without Pants

According to TMZ, the Blac Chyna sex tape in question was filmed last July.

The star's partner is her ex-boyfriend, a rapper named Mechie who enjoyed a memorable fling with Chyna around that time.

We shared fairly explicit images of Mechie kissing Chyna on Instagram last summer, along with the rather shocking news that he actually got a tattoo of his then-lover's initials across his neck.

The fling only lasted for a few weeks (reports indicated last year that Chyna dumped Mechie due to his excessive social media flirting with other women)...

... but it was apparently serious enough for Chyna and Mechie to film themselves being all intimate and stuff.

Blac Chyna and Mechie

Here's the thing, though:

Even though a rep for Mechie confirms this little-known artist was holding the camera while Chyna placed her mouth over his penis many times, the rep also claims Mechie is NOT the person who leaked the footage.

In fact, the rep tells TMZ that Mechie is really pissed the video went public!

He states that he used Chyna's phone to film the sexual encounter and that he never had his own copy of the taped BJ.

This means that only one of three possibilities are really at play here:

Mechie Kisses Blac Chyna

ONE: Blac Chyna is lying and she leaked the sex tape.

TWO: Mechie is lying and he leaked the sex tape.

THREE: Someone hacked into Chyna's phone and this person leaked the sex tape.

On Monday evening, a few hours after the Internet scoffed and laughed at Chyna for going down on some dude on video, two lawyers spoke out on Chyna's behalf.

First, Lisa Bloom said via statement:

"Revenge porn - posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images - is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse.

"It's also a cruel attempt to slut shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It's not a joke."

Walter Mosley and Blac Chyna

Then, Walter Mosley (seen above with his client) said simply that this was a "criminal" matter that ought to be investigated by the police, while adding a lengthy and heartfelt statement.

It's worth reposting again below.

Here it is:

We have to change this culture of abuse and assault against women. Today’s post saddens me deeply as it is an attack not only against my client but my friend.

Why do we think it’s acceptable to sell, or publish, or seek revenge, or blackmail women in this way and without their consent? It’s not.

Men ... we have to do better. I’m tired of telling my clients to not make videos because the men will put them out later.

It’s like I’m telling them not to wear short skirts because you’re going to entice a man to rape you. #smh And like most rapes, these betrayals often come from those most close to us.

So today I’m saying, men we need to do better. We need to tell each other to do better.

We need to stop sharing these videos with each other in the club, at the barbershop or (and especially) online. It is a morally corrupt action, which is (at least in California) criminal.

Maybe it is time to set an example.

Mechie, of course, is alleging that he does know better and did not release this tape.

We'll update this story as more news breaks.

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