Blac Chyna: I Did Not Leak My Oral Sex Tape!

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According to a new report, when Blac Chyna learned that a tape existed on the Internet of her giving an ex-boyfriend a bit of oral pleasure, the reality star did a spit take.

What we're trying to say is this:

Blac Chyna swears she did not release the explicit footage that features her sucking on the penis of Mechie.

Blac Chyna Stares

Earlier this week, the Internet was shocked to learn...

... okay, let's start this section again.

Earlier this week, the Internet was anything but shocked to learn that a video exists in which Chyna is lying naked on her back while a man's genitalia is dipped in and out of her mouth.

The X-Rated footage lasts for about one minute and 23 seconds and ends with Chyna gagging on her lover's large unit.

The response by most who have followed Chyna's "career" was less surprise and more mockery, as we've documented below:

But questions over Chyna's technique were not the only thing on people's minds in the wake of this explosive* tape.

(*To be accurate, it wasn't actually explosive... if you catch our inappropriate drift.)

A nation is now wondering: Who the heck leaked this thing?!?

On Tuesday, a rep for random rapper Mechie confirmed that his client is the individual on the receiving end of Chyna's fellatio, but also insisted that Mechie did not leak the BJ.

(You likely forgot, but Mechie is the dude who got with Chyna last summer for, like four weeks, and who also got a tattoo of her initials on his neck.)

This rep alleges that Mechie filmed the very close encounter with Chyna's phone and didn't make a copy or anything of that nature.

Blac Being Blac

Just like he pointed his penis in the direction of Chyna's mouth in this sex tape, he appears to be pointing the finger of blame in her direction now.

But this isn't the case, Chyna tells TMZ.

She swears to that website that she is not responsible for this footage going viral; that her phone was not stolen; and that there's no evidence it has been hacked.

(That is, no other videos or photos have made their way online. Just the video.)

The ex-reality star says she plans to file a police report later in the week and will cooperate entirely with the investigation.

Here is a photo of Mechie and Chyna from last July, meanwhile, around when the video was filmed:

Blac Chyna and Mechie

We think we believe Chyna in this case.

What would she possibly have to gain by releasing such a video to the world?

She went through the whole nude image/revenge porn thing with Rob Kardashian last summer and we can't imagine she'd want to continually be known as someone who lets boyfriends film her in the act of sex.

As the slideshow above makes clear, this isn't even an especially flattering act, from Chyna's point of view.

Mechie, conversely, is a total unknown.

He was reportedly mad several months ago after Chyna cut him loose.

We don't want to say he definitely released this tape to embarrass his ex, but we're pretty darn sure he released this tape to embarrass his ex.

Don't you agree?

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